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Monday, August 07, 2006

The cold shoulder

The silent treatment,
Cause you're pissed off
That passionless kiss
When I get home.

I can see you're angry,
But when I ask why?
You say, "Nothing"!
Nothing? Like this is you?

Terse, short responses
To my questions.
Argumentative, yet
Silent. Cold, nothing.

I know you're pissed off
I don't know why.
And if you won't say
I never will.



Steven Douglas said...

TO ALL YOU WOMEN OUT THERE.....PAY ATTENTION!!! Manhood now has a speaker, and his name is Max...heed his cry of despair on behalf of all men.


Word Verification is "ubehywy"...could be interpreted as "you be haywire" if you say it funnily... :-)

jenny said...

Oh ffs!

TO ALL YOU MEN OUT THERE.....PAY ATTENTION!!! Manhood can have all the speakers they like...we're not listening because we're not talking to you!!

I'm going to assume you've pissed off the princess. Typical man thing to claim not to know why! There will be a reason. Thing is you need to use you're brain to think what it was.

There's a reason why the conversation always goes "what's wrong?" and "nothing".

And it's because you lot think you've done "nothing" to make us pissed off!!

That dude in the UK said...


I gotta take the middle road here - don't make the mistake i made - take time out to spend with the princess, make her feel special, show her you care and talk, talk, talk....

Simple - just sort it out or you will regret it

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