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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This and that and stuff

It's been while since I posted..... Writers block I think.
However I have started a second Blogg, purely to vent my Renault frustrations on.
It's called Renault Merde, the link is here somewhere.....

To date I have not been able to:-

a) get this divisions new boss fired / replaced
b) get pricing out of the back office guys in less than 5 days
c) get a descent offer on a trade in for my Renault
d) find a well priced VW Caravelle / Mercedes Vito
e) win the lotto (look it up)
f) get any form of acceptable service from any service provider
g) find one company that actually responds to comment / complaints / suggestions / requests I place on their "Contact Us" Web sites!

Oh, well, we live in hope.

What is that saying, "If you ain't got dreams, you ain't got shit"
Well, that's me


Oh, and in case anyone missed it
England 2-2 Sweden

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