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Thursday, June 01, 2006

01 June 2006

Went for my first interview today. Went damn well. Will have a follow up one with the directors. Sounds promising..... Mmmmmmmm.

Am also going to stop in at the local Technicon (institution of higher learning) on the way home. I need to find out when their next night classes course starts for CAD (Computer Aided Design). There is a shortage of this skill at the moment. Contractors are earning upwards of R40k per month and more....... Mmmmmmmm.

Going home early today. Well, earlier..... I've been here 10 years today. Don't ask me how, or why. I just don't know.

Later all



Stuart Douglas said...

How much is R40K a month? A lot?

Christ I've spent five years doing that CAD and graphic design every day - maybe I Should move to SA :)

Wreckless said...

It,s good money. In South Africa it really is.
If you came over here you could do well, with the right experiance!

In fact, with todays technology, you could probably do work for some company here, working from there!!! Think about it...

mmmm... maybe I can do CAD recruitment, for remote services.....

Solomonster said...

Hey, congratulations on sticking with them for ten years!

Holding thumbs that things work out for you.

Steven Douglas said...

Stuart...R40k is about 10 pound sterling a month...LOL...

Seriously, divide it by 12 to give you a near-enough estimate after currency exchanges.