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Thursday, August 07, 2014

It's been a while since my last post

and much water has passed under the bridge. Suffice to say, everything has changed - nothing is the same.And for now, it seems, nothing will ever be the same again.

My General Manager job at PSSH ended at the end of September 2014. It just wasn't working out. The company couldn't pay me my salary on time, in fact, right now, they still owe me a part of my last months salary......

At the same time I was approached by another company, one that specialises in Rigging and Lifting equipment to come on board as the Sales and Marketing manager. No problem. I negotiated a reasonable salary, and started with them 01 Nov 2013.
The owner is a long time friend of mine, and he always said he wanted to get me to join his company. The position was right, I was happy to give it a shot.

Problem 1) I'm working for a "friend". Done that before (twice) - it does not work!
Problem 2) Their expectations, and my understanding - two different things.
Problem 3) Financially not viable (can't make up the salary in bonus when half the fucking country is on strike - so ends are not meeting)
Problem 4) It's not a good fit - I'm not family, I'm not a 10 years + employee, so much of what I do / think / say does not count - is not considered.
Problem 5) The next time someone (CEO / GM / HR) talk to me like I'm retarded, I'm out of here.....

So what am I doing?
Well, I'm going to be doing a on-line course soon, with a view to boost my earning (in my own time) by about 30 - 40 % / month (working 2 - 3 Saturday mornings), with a view to hopefully be fully self employed by the end of the year! Yup, done with this working for a boss!

However, today I got a call from a head hunter. He want's my CV to put in at EMC. They looking for an Enterprise Manager / Executive, to lead the sales team! I know it might be over my head, but hey, Why not try?

So that's me, in short, for now.
More to follow? We will see....


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