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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Assault GBH

So, finally this issue has gone away.
For them who don't know the detail, scroll down and you will find the whole story. The summary is as follows:-
I went shopping for a TV and some associated stuff.. The salesman got abusive, threatened my son with "I will fuck you up"! When I confronted him, he made the same threat to me. After a bit of a to and fro, I landed a solid klap on his face.
He laid a charge of assault - Grievous Bodily Harm against me after getting some concocted doctors note re his injuries. Said I hit him with an unknown object! Yea right - my right hand is now a weapon of mass destruction!!!!

When the cops eventually came round to look for me, I wasn't home. Went down to the cop shop to see what they wanted and got myself arrested. Spent 13 hours in various cells, until GMan manged to pay some one ZAR3500 to get me bail, which cost another ZAR1000.
Appeared in court 2 days later.
Then got an attorney involved. Another court appearance cause the dumb arse public prosecutor didn't let us have the docket. Then a visit to the advocate for advice. The attorney had a few rounds with the public prosecutor, and showed him a copy of the CCTV recording from the incident. They agreed that there was no evidence of me ever actually hitting the guy, but there was visible evidence of the security guys shoving me around, as well as him, and he could have got injured then. Not sure what transpired between the video viewing and the court date, between the PP and the plaintiff, but suffice to say, it's now closed. Today I appeared in the court with my attorney, and the public prosecutor withdrew the charges.
End of saga. But not the end of this story I think.


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