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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

AlanP - in hospital for a major cancer operation

Following on my previous post re friends:-

I went back to the hospital the next day, before his operation, and got past the nursing station by claiming to be the assistant anesthetist! They bought that one too! Amazing, what if I was a suicidal bomber / killer / pervert? Anyhow.... Maybe I'm a better salesman than my current employer believes!!!!
I then spent many hours in reception / waiting room / hospital restaurant, waiting for him to come out . The operation was due to start at 8.30am, he eventually came out at 10 past 1 pm! A nurse confirmed that he had been in theatre for 3 hours 45 minutes!

AlanP was diagnosed in November last year with a cancerous mass on his pancreas, and spleen. He also had cancerous lesions on his liver. The first point of attack was a rigorous administration of chemo - which ended well, successive tests showed his liver was clear! The mass on his pancreas though was still there. So an operation was required, and that's how we ended up in Durban, together.

After the operation the surgeon confirmed he had removed the whole cancer mas, as well as the spleen, and half of the pancreas. He was happy that they had got it all. They also found and removed 2 x 1mm cancer nodes on the liver - whilst they were in they decided to have a good look around and clean up! He also added that AlanP would need a few more rounds of chemo, just to make sure the cancer was all sorted.

Visiting hours in ICU are limited to 3-4pm and 7.15-8pm. I managed to get in most days at around 9.30am as well for a short visit! Me and my charm!
Then the other official visiting hours were split between me, AlanP's wife, his mother-in-law, his sister. We all got to see him, just that time was less. Oh, and as he was in ICU - only family can visit - I was the brother! Either that, or I was going to be his personal physician!

Anyway, he was doing well, and on Friday I decided to book my ticket back home for early Saturday Morning. I spent an hour with him Friday, and said we would meet up again soon.
Subsequently, I have been keeping in touch with his wife, and he had a bad night Friday, a bad Saturday, Not too good by Sunday. The only thing he wanted in the time I saw him was a sip of water, but the "nil per mouth" clause stood for at least 4 days!
by Sunday he was allowed water, and then he was moved to a general ward. Monday they started him on soft foods, and his wife says he's much better. I think there was a short period that he suffered from what is called "post op depression", probably caused by a combination of ICU, the major operation, taking him off of the morphine drip and replacing this with not strong enough pain meds, and of course, his driving need for water! And food. So now that he's out of ICU, getting water and food, and they have a stronger pain med, he's doing better.
In fact, she says he might be allowed to go home by the end of the week. if he was still not improving, the Princess and I were going to fly to Durban for the weekend.
If he is allowed to go home, we might still go to Richards Bay to visit hi m in Empangeni, or maybe wait a week or two till he's settled.

be blessed brother - see you soon!


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