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Monday, July 09, 2012

My boys, and Guardian Angels

As posted last week, LuckyL went down to Natal for the weekend, going to the Sharks v Blue Bulls rugby on Friday night, and the Durban July Horse race on Saturday. All went well. His team won the rugby, and his horse is still running in the Durban July!
What I didn't know, till I got home on Friday afternoon was that GMan had also gone down to Durban. He had been asked by two girls who went to the Durban July to travel with them. So he and LuckyL got together down there.
The plan was for them to travel back on Sunday, but for some reason, probably to get a jump start on the traffic, they left Durban at around midnight, Saturday. Now, I've got no problem with driving through the night, in fact, I preferred it when the kids were little, as they would sleep most of the way, making it easier on me and the Princess. The other upside is less traffic. However, what little traffic there is, needs to be watched much more closely. There is always the risk of people nodding off, and veering across the road in front of you, cars / trucks stopped in the middle of the lane for no reason / breakdown. So you need to be vigilant whenever you get near to another road user, hen driving long distance through the night.

So, Sunday morning, and me and the Princess did not sleep well over night. Don't know why. We get up, and start to get done, and the boys walk in! We didn't know they had decided to leave early, so were surprised to see them.
Then LuckyL tells us the story of the trip home, and the accident. My hearts stops! FUCK!!!

Seems like GMan was driving - he's a night owl so was the best person for the job at that point. He also didn't drink any alcohol in the 24 hours preceding the trip, so he was good to go.  Seem that just outside Mooi River (LIU) they were coming up to another car. Speed control was locked in at 118km/h, so allowing for inaccuracies of the clocks, they were probably doing 110km/h. At the last minute the smaller car changes lanes, right in front of them! All GMan had time to do was hold tight onto the steering wheel, and swerve to his right. The front left of the Toyota Fortuner they were driving in hit the back left of the other car (neither of them knows what car it was). GMan says they got airborne, went onto the gravel in the middle island, and were on two wheels, and he (thankfully) did not over correct, and brought the car back onto it's wheels, safely, and stopped. The other car had spun out, and landed up in the bushes on the island. He had stopped about 50 meters from the point of impact.  The three of them checked themselves for injuries - nothing. They then got out of the car, and started to walk back towards the other car. Time to go check on the people in the other car, and swap details. They then heard a male voice screaming "I'm going to kill them!", followed by a woman screeching "No, don't, leave them alone", and another male voice shouting "Let's go kill them!!!"

At this point LuckyL, GMan, and B, LuckyL's mate from work decided that retreat was a good idea. Fuck those clowns for a joke, You never know it they high on drugs, carrying guns..... (If it was me in my younger day, I would have been in there, with my 9mm, and trust me, if the guy made a move to assault me, I would have blown him away, but that's me, 20 years ago!).
Anyway, the 3 of them got back into the car, which was still drive-able, and drove down the highway for a few hundred meters till they found a sign with a police number, and decided to call it.
The police came out quite quickly, and took their statement. He then had them follow him back down the highway towards the accident scene. He made them wait about 50 meters away, while he went to check out the situation. In a few minutes he called them on their cellphone, and told them the people from the other car were fucking mad, and out of control. Not a good idea for them to go any closer. So they should leave. The boys drove past the accident site, traveling back towards Durban, at the next off-ramp they crossed over, and then drove back towards Johannesburg, again passing the accident scene, not stopping or anything.

So, as far as I am concerned, they handled the whole affair in the correct manner. I am also convinced that they had Guardian Angels looking out for them, as the final outcome could have been much more serious than it was. I have no idea what went on out there, and have to take the information as given by my boys. What happened in the other car, I have no idea. But I am thankful that the boys are all fine. Whatever the outcome is, and the costs with regards repairs, so be it. B is insured, there may be some extra excess because GMan is under 25, but that's life.

Quite serious damage, but had it been a smaller car, I think the result would have been terrible. In fact, there would have been serious injuries....
Thank you Lord for their protection!



Jayne said...

Hectic, but they did the right thing I reckon.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@Jayne - whatever the situation, I think they did right!
Chat soon,

Bruthafromanothamutha said...

Thank God they are OK

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@BfaM - Amen to that!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Thank the Lord for bull-bars