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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Spam mail

A mate sent me this:-

Please respond to worldbankloansdepartment@ymail.com

(World Bank Assist Program-me)
Loan Department,
Payment And Transfer,
World Bank Group, Zurich,
Switzerland. M13 9PL,
Funds Transfer/Audit Unit,
Our Ref: WB/NF/UN/XX027,
TEL: +417031977085,
FAX: +417031977086,
Website: www.worldbank.org.

Good Day, due to the under-employment rate and poverty ratio that lead to mass corruption in South Africa, the S.A Government has signed a new contract with the World Bank Group this year that every citizen and foreigners residing in the Republic of South Africa should be given a loan.
We hereby inform you that you are entitled to apply for a loan now, easy loan, quick and paperless application process, even if you have been blacklisted, just three working days pay-out, loans starting from R5,000.00 (FIVE THOUSAND RAND) up to R10,000,000.00 (TEN MILLION RAND).
Flexible repayment periods from 1 to 60 months, take a break - Every January you get a break from paying your loan installment. To apply, all you just have to do is to send the following information needed.

(1) Your Full Name;
(2) Your Address;
(3) Your I.D or Passport No;
(4) Gender;
(5) Tittle; (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Master)
(6) Age:
(7) Your Telephone Number;
(8) The Amount You Want to Loan;
(9) The Date You Wish to Receive It;
(10) The Date You Wish to Start Paying The Monthly Installment And How You Want Your Repayment Plan To Be; Please Note: Every loan applicant are given a privileged to tell us how they want their repayment plan to be so that we can attach and state the contract agreement on their files.
(11) Your Monthly Income;
(12) Your Occupation;

Please note; No interest will be charged on this loan, all you just have to do is to send back the exact amount that you received, but not to exceed five years. The S.A Government will be responsible for every interest charged on the loans due to the contract agreement signed with us. Our company local banking details for the monthly installment shall be forwarded to you as well.
Every communication or conversation will be done only via e-mail for security reasons, please kindly bear with us.
Transactions will be done only on MONDAY- FRIDAY, no transaction will be approve on weekend. Any application with an attachment or files for us to download will not be approve, due to we have experience so many virus and spyware attack in the past from applications including an attachment and files. To apply, all you just have to do is to send the above listed information needed. We expect your instant reply at worldbankloansdepartment@ymail.com we look forward to hearing from you, thank you.

Anneke Elizabeth,
Financial Secretary,
World Bank Group,
Signed By Management.

So, I'm going to create a new email address on Hotmail or some other random site, and respond to this. Will keep you all updated!

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