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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Man sized meal.

You can bet your bottom dollar that one weekend when the Princess is away, me, LuckyL, and maybe even GMan are going to make this - one each!!

Ingredients - a loaf of hard crusted Italian bread, 3 rib eye steaks 1 lb mushrooms, an onion and some bacon

Cut off the top, and hollow out the bread

Cook that shit! Try to leave the steaks a little rare as they will carry over cook a little more in the sandwich

Shove one of the steaks into the bread

Sauce the steak - try halves of the sandwich with different sauces, so use half thick worchschire sauce and half dijon mustard and horse radish sauce - or whatever sauces take your fancy

Add a layer of bacon

Add a layer of the cheese

Stuff in as much of the mushroom and onion mixture you can

Then the other steak along with the juices from the pan

A little  more sauce......

Top it off with a bit more of the cheese

Put the top of the leaf back into position

Wrap in butchers paper

Wrap in foil

Put a heavy cutting board on top to squish it down

Now weight, and wait, and wait......The original maker used 140lbs of weight and let it sit for 4 hours

Cut and enjoy - now tell me you not going to make yourself one!!!



Jayne said...

Seeing as I don't eat slabs of cow meat, this actually falls into the 'barf' category! But, I hasten to add, that if I had the correct ingredients & the boy was at home (to help his father eat it!) I would certainly give it a bash!

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@Jayne - you could fill it with chicken, fish, mutton (that sound great - Karoo Lamb!) or even do a vegetable filling. Experiment - don't limit yourself!


Fishman said...

INVITE ME!!!! I will bring the steaks!!!!

Jayne said...

Hmmmm......chicken sounds like a good idea.
Now, where might I find a nice loaf like that in Lagos.......oh FFS, only in my wildest dreams!

grins said...

My wife looked at me like a freshly run over cat when I suggested this.

I thought it was the best sandwich I'd ever seen.

Have you ever listened to one of those anti robot things? Sounds like Mr Rodgers if he had an Indian accent and was on strong narcotics.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@grins - My wife said "Great idea"! You and the boys can make them next time I have to work a Saturday!
anti robot things? No, can't say I have.....


grins said...

They are the things at the bottom of your comment that you can listen to if you can't read the stupid letters that make sure you are not spam.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

AHA! Didn't know I had it activated - will remove it now!

grins said...

Don't know if you can get a hold of Pick-a-peppa sauce there, but I go through a bottle every couple weeks. Awesome stuff for any meat except fish.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@grins - no, we don't, but I go through some serious Tabasco here, and it will make an appearance in my sandwitch!