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Monday, May 07, 2012

Blog Update

I really don't like the new look of the blog "back office" stuff. That's this page where we go to when e want to write and post a new blog. It's not user friendly, I can't find half the stuff I want to, and it looks like a predecessor of the ark. Really backward stuff. Some things are best left alone, and this was one of them.

That said, there has been a whole lot going on here.
Matriarch, is settling in well in her apartment, and you can see improvement everyday in her walking and use of her arm. Added to that, she has started complaining about stupid little things again, so we know she's getting better.

Queenie is unchanged. Still drives me up the wall with her querkie things she does, but that's just who she is. I suppose we can't all be "normal"! Not that's she's abnormal, but she has "habits" which are just crazy. We think she's a bit OCD - and that explains a lot of why she does these little things she does!

GMan has decided he's going to the UK. Initially I thought it was a good thing, a) It would get him out of this bad environment he has got himself entrenched into, and away from the whole poker scene, and loan sharks, etc., b) It would get him away from the "girlfriend". Every other day he's telling us she's moving out, they have broken up, etc., but she's still there, still around.
So a) is on the button, b) is way off the mark. The girlfriends mom lives in the UK, with the new husband, and she's going to be going over to stay with them, and look for a job as well, and apply for a work permit / study permit / residency on the basis that her family are now resident in the UK. SO, instead of getting away from her, they going together. Ah well, it's his choice and his life. He plans to work as a dealer in the more legal gambling dens in London, London area. Apparently they pay quite well, and he will be staying (so he says) with another dealer friend who comes from there. Will see how that pans out. Ultimately, I think he's wasting his time, and hope he will find a real job once he's there.

LuckyL - well, where to start. Work wise he is really putting his everything into his job. So much so that he now has been told he's getting a 60% increase! it's not off a big base, but it was also not expected. Only worry I have is that come the end of the year he might not want to stop working, and go to varsity. But for now, I'm not giving him that option - and I plan to stick to that! He's also still enjoying the bikes (on and off road), but apart from me, does not have anyone to ride with him on-road.  So he's getting a bit disillusioned. It's no fun just riding to work every now and then on the bike. He wants to get out on a Sunday and burn up some miles, and it's not always fun doing it with Dad.

With GMan deciding to go overseas, they have given up their apartment, moved all of the girlfriends stuff into storage, and moved GMan's meager belongings into our place. Amongst his stuff is a big flat screen TV, a Playstation 3, and some other odds and ends. He also has a PVR Decoder. SO LuckyL and I installed the PVR into the lounge, and took my DSTV decoder up to our bedroom. We then, with much hassle, got the DSTV people to connect the second unit as a dual view so we have 2 x DSTV but only pay one subscription plus a nominal R60 a month for the second. It's worth it. We did all the rewiring through the roof ourselves, and had to redo, retry various options till we got it right. Then we split the cable going from the Lounge to the bedroom, and fed a line off it to LuckyL's bedroom. He has GMan's big flat screen set up there, and he has a "boom" channel changer. So, now when we go to bed at night, if the Princess wants to watch the end of a story, she can watch it in the room, with her own decoder, and can change channels there. LuckyL can watch DSTV from his room, via the downstairs decoder, and using the "Boom" channel changer, can change the channels from his room! Great stuff, especially for now with winter on our doorstep. Rather lie in a nice warm bed at night to watch a bit of TV, than sit downstairs in the lounge!!!

In the news recently has been quite a bit of interesting stuff. The Joe Public court case against the State and Sanral to stop the eTolling of our highways was successful! Well, to the point that they could not start tolling us yet, until further court action takes place, or the State find an alternative means to fund the "new" roads. And following this, the Sunday papers were full of information of who would be benefiting from the tolling - and it seems the ANC has more than just a small part in this. Talk about corruption! These Muther Farkrrs have taken it to a whole new level! And the way they plead ignorance to the fact is so pathetic. Just because the masses are too stupid to see through their act they think everyone will believe their drivel. Bunch of farking morons! From the president down to the sweeper in the Home affairs department. Complete farking morons.

Ok, go that off my chest.

Another interesting bit of news was some FHM model who was (again) sexually harassed by some kaffir! And the tweeted something about it, but used the word k@&&!r. And immediately the whole world took her on, FHM withdrew her position / nomination / status as MISS FHM 2011, and some of her sponsors withdrew their sponsorships as well. OK, they don't want to be associated with some one who uses the word k@&&!r. I get that. But nowhere has anyone said anything about that fucking k@&&!r that sexually harassed her! And to me that is the bigger issue here! You can sexually harass a woman, but she can't be calling you names, and especially not k@&&!r - because that's just not PC. Well fuck you very much world! It's like saying it's not rape if the attacker used a condom!!! Interestingly enough, another model (a darkie in this case) attacked her (tweeting - not physically) and made even more serious racial attackes!!! But I suppose because she's a previously disadvantaged k@&&!r, and was reacting to a "very serious racial slur" it will be accepted and forgiven!

Another interesting position in SA now is the Dept. of Education looking at banning cellphones from schools. There are many pro's and con's to this argument, which I am not going to expand on here, but suffice to say I think it goes against our constitutional rights to even consider this banning.  In today's time, communication and the ability to contact parents is a fundamental right, if not necessity, for any school pupil.

With regards the accident we were involved in in January, I have initiated talks with a friendly attorney who will assist us with the Road Accident Fund claim. This is more for Mom and her friend than myself. However, the amount of paper work required is frightening! Going to take me a few weeks to get it all together. But I know it's a long slow process, so will just keep at it.

With regards the new job, it's also slow going. Major problem is that the company cannot afford to pay me what I want at this time (want = need as a minimum). So for now I am doing some stuff for them in the background. I'm hoping to bring in a new client, who will buy a plant, that way I can earn a 10% commission (or more if I can wangle it) and use that to get rid of my bond, which means I can then work for a smaller salary! here's hoping I can pull this off!

This is my latest post on my facebook status:-
Interesting situation - You can get lambasted for Racism when reacting to a situation and posting a comment (defamatory I know) on it - But hey, nothing gets said about the Clown / Idiot / Previously Disadvantaged individual who sexually harassed her!!! So, in context, I understand that's it's OK to sexually harass a lady, but not be racist. That's a really severe crime! Tell you what - come and harass my Princess, and I'll show you racism, coupled with extreme violence, bad language, and if you really lucky, a 24" baton where it would hurt most!!!
 On the sporting front,  it looks like Chelsea are on a roll - here's hoping they beat BM. Locally, our rugby teams are performing dismally in the super 15 / 16 - what is it now? As for the rest, who cares. I know the SA mens hockey team beat the crap out of a lot of other teams to qualify for the Olympics, but I now hear that they will have to fund the trip themselves! WTF?!?!
Anyway, enough for now.


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Wow! This is such a lot of information to process..

I also don't like the new Blogger Interface, call me old and ditsy but I can't get used to it. My new HTC One X on the other hand I can get used to. I'm in LOVE!!!

As for Miss FHM. Whatever!

Home Affairs. Urgh! You should check out my post on those Fuckers sometime...

Lets hope your work see your worth and pay you what you need!

You watch Field Hockey? OMG!!

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@ ADSL - Just an update.... Cant post everyday (like you seem to manage), FHM - I agree - but the point was that racism is more serious than sexual harassment!
Hoe affairs - I will go find it!
My current work will never pay what I'm worth, hoping the new employer can find the means to though!
Field hockey - Astro turf hockey - my boys used to play, so I have an eye for the game - just happened to see some of the final 5 minutes whilst in the pub, that's how I knew the details.

Chat soon

Jayne said...

You changed jobs? I knew you were thinkin' of it, but didn't know you'd actually done it!
Dunno how much dosh you'll get out of the RAF cos I thought it was bankrupt?
Tell GMan to have fun.......& hint that you won't be able to 'fund' him, thanks to the fucking extortionate exchange rate!!
Glad to know your mum is getting batter.........if she's having a little moan/groan, yep, she's definitely getting better!

I saw some of the falout from some dingbat calling a floppy a K4 but literally couldn't be arsed to trawl through all the drivel.
Just got back to the shithole, to find the constant on/off/on/off electricity had tripped the sockets in the apartment, which meant that the freezer defrosted, which meant that its contents went rather green & fucking vrrrrrot!

I'm not a happy bunny
I have my new laptop............yayayay! I shall be posting soon, insh'allah :-)

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@ Jayne - nah, have not changed jobs - YET! RAF is going to be a challenge, but they still, making payments - so we will see. GMan knows that there are no more funds - so he's on his own either way! Mom is progressing at a rapid rate, and for that I am really grateful! She r a star!

So, U back in the dark country - ah well, this too will pass! Glad u have a new toy - maybe now we will see more posts. Sorry about the "vrot" meat in the fridge, but then again, maybe you should be grateful the fridge was still there!!!!
Chat soon -