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Monday, April 23, 2012

LuckyL's XR 200 R

Previously posted about the bike LuckyL and I were rebuilding. This past weekend we finished it.
This was at about 11 pm Friday night

Thiswas at 1.05 am Saturday morning - I called it a day!

And this was the finished product at 4pm Saturday.
So we did a moer of a lot of work on this bike, in a few days. It was great, even though LuckyL and I did have some words every now and then during the work. Mainly because he does not have patience, and it's really required when doing a project of this nature.

We going to be tackling the next one soon, and it should go a bit easier (lessons learned) and now a guy at work had a 500cc he wants us to do for him - not sure what he's willing to pay for it though.

More later,



Fishman said...

Patience!!!! If i look at the state of that socket set on the floor?? Wtf? That job would have been done in half of the time that you spent looking for sockets......

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@Fishman - don't be stupid! Those sockets were lying there cause that exactly where I was sitting using them! Or do you pack everything away as soon as you finish with it, so you can go take it out again in 3 minutes time when you need it? That would be a waste of time.