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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dem Damn Dogs!!

So, when the dogs were still puppies, they had a nasty habit of going into the flower beds, and digging everything up. I got some "pet fence" stuff from a friend, and fitted it. Basically a steel wire mesh strip, which you put around the flower bed on purpose made plastic carriers. The you add power. When the dogs touch it, they get a nasty shock. I attached the end to my neighbors electric fence. 9700V!!!! The male was the first to learn that this was a no go area. I remember hearing him howl, saw him run to the front door, and when I went out to see if he was OK, he wouldn't let me near him, and continued to yelp for a few minutes. They never went back into the garden, and in fact, I disconnected it from the fence at least a year ago.

This week, for some reason, they went back in. And have all but destroyed the garden. Not sure why, but last night we reconnected the fence to the strip. I'm sure that by tonight, they will have learned that it's again a no-go area. Just sorry I'm o not there to see them learn it!!! Stupid dogs!
As Puppies.......
And now - as just damn naughty dogs....


1 comment:

Jayne said...

Awww poor puppies! You are cruel! S'not their fault they want to do a bit of horticultural redesigning now is it?