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Friday, January 27, 2012

So, I need to replace my car.....

After the accident, GMan brought me his car to use as a trade in. That's the VW Passat that I've been writing about, and have had so much shit with. He's getting a company car, so didn't need his own anymore. Anyway, between LuckyL and myself and the internet, it took one visit to a second hand dealer near the house, and a second visit to another dealer a bit further away, and I bought a Mitsubushi Outlandr. R60k trade in for the VW (that's R35k below trade price) and paid the rest in from the insurance payout for the Toyota, and I have transport. It's bigger, has a descent bonnet, and is also automatic. Just thirsty on petrol, but what the hell.
My "new" Wheels.
Make    Mitsubishi
Model    Outlander
Variant    2.4 gls at
Price (new)    R 251,900

However, my insurance covers me for a rental car for a few weeks, so I have been driving tht for now, but have to take it back tonight. It's a VW, 1.6 Polo, auto, and gives around 7.4l/100km!!! Awesome car, 6 speed auto box, very comfortable - but I couldn't afford one anyway.

So, from tonight, I drive my new car, and LuckyL is back in his Opel. He's been driving my car since we bought it - just so we could iron out any defects, and while GMan was using his car waiting for his BRAND NEW JAGUAR to be delivered (more on this in another post).


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