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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Update on work, and the evil USA Corporation

Reading the title to this post should tell you that either I don't have much to post, or I just don't have a better title. Either way, I'm not going to argue the point.

So, what's going on with me. Well, as I type this I am sitting at my desk in the office for what should be the last time till the 17th of January!!! Yup, I am taking my vacation, all 19 days of it, and I am taking it at the company year end, against all the company management guidelines and woishes that no one take leave now as they have to bring in every single deal possible before the 31st. Well, go fuck yourselves, I have no deal that will close between now and then, and those that could maybe close, should have done so in the past 8 weeks, but because you don't have the capacity and capabiloity to get the shit through your broken process, the documents are not yet done, so nothing can go to the lcient to sign.

What I am expecting is for the senior manager to come back with a "Who approved your leave for this time?". Well, no-one actually. I informed my manager more then 8 weeks ago that I had applied for leave on the system. He had the option of going on-line and either approving it, or declining it. He has done neither. So by default, it is approved! And as far as I am concerned, now it's too late to cancel it, so do what you must, I am on leave - even if you cancel now, I will not be back in the office before the 17th Jan 2012, and then we can sort it out. I am quite happy, and willing to take this up via a legal route if I have to.

So, earlier today I got an invite to a meeting with my executive for the 21st of Dec. to discuss how I plan to make my number in Q1 2012. Well, there is two sides to this.
1) I don't know what my number is / will be - and if I share my opp. with you, who's to say you wont set the number according to my pipeline as opposed to what the business wants?
2) I am on leave then, so if you really want to meet to discuss this, better you make it a conference call. I have no problem dialing in from my apartment in Ballito, but I will  not be in the office. Not even if you offer to pay the airline ticket to get me here and back down again!!!

As for my opportunities for Q1 - well, how's this for a pipeline:-
12 Opportunities with a total value of USD 18.5m!!! If that's not enough, well then shove it! If I sign just 33% I still make the number for the half year, never mind the quarter!

Management are still talking about putting me on a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan). Basically used most times to try and get rid of an employee. It is biased and usually the measurement of achievement is subjective, however, I have had the initial discussion with the manager, and agreed to the PIP - BUT, he needs to be very careful on what they put in as the detail of the document.

Basically they can't challenge me on product Knowledge, Pipeline creation, Process and Procedures, Client Knowledge, Client Satisfaction, Team working, Peer assistance...... The only "Fail" I have for this year is not making my signings target. OK, so I have a spreadsheet of the deals i worked on (and lost) and for every single one of those I have a comment which basically shows that either a) We fucked up with the pricing, b) or took to long to respond, c) or didn't respond. Basically, in many / most instances, I was let down by the company, it's processes, procedures, back office support (or the lack of it). So, don't know what they plan to challange me on, but will be interesting to see.

Then, about 6 weeks ago I submitted a travel claim. We get an allowance for travel to clients, but have to submit a claim form, on-line, to get paid. I don't always bother with it, but did this time as over the two preceding months, it worked out to about R5,5k. Nice money to have to take on vacation.
So it goes through the system. I get a notification that there was a problem with the server / process, but will be sorted out soon. Last week I raised it with my manager. He shot off an email requesting payment to be processed. On-line in the claim system it shows as paid. I get another apology email to say they have a problem with the process. Fine, just get it sorted out.
Today I got my payslip - we get paid on the 15th in Dec, so that people have money over the holiday period, makes no sense to me but whatever.
Anyway, on the payslip the travel payment is reflected, and so I have been taxed on it - BUT I STILL DON'T HAVE THE FUCKING  MONEY IN MY BANK ACCOUNT YOU MORONS!!!!!

So, send off an email, copy my manager and my executive:-

Good day,
I see that my payslip shows payment for travel of R5282.00
However, I have never received this payment. I have escalated it, and got some notification about a problem with process, but nothing else.
If it is on my payslip, I have been taxed on this, but have not got the money yet!
If this payment ever does take place, what's to say I wont be taxed again!!!!

This is not professional at all. Another indication that off-shoring of services is not working.

Not sure how it will be received, but I am way beyond caring now anyway. Fuck them - more ammo for the Labour Lawyer!

Yup, it really is fun working here! You have no idea how bored I would be anywhere else!!!! I know 2 of my readers also work for the same shit hole, and I know they feel much the same as I do. At least I seem t have an option to abandon this stinking ship in the near future. I just need to get the offer upped a bit so that I don't take a knock from an earnings perspective. Have some ideas around how to reduce my monthly expenses, and will do so if I have to. Anything to be able to get the other job, as I do see a lot of potential there, and I will be away from this American Corporate crap!!!

Finally, I am working on a rather large deal, due to close end Q1, early Q2, 2012. What is interesting is how the corporation are "loading" the opportunity. What's more interesting is that I have access to the information. It will not be beyond me to use this information for personal benefit and gain.

So, looks like we in for a great ride.



Divemaster GranDad said...

They say that bad publicity is still publicity....DOH, what a stupid saying.

However, it is true, except that in this case it will only get worse for the corporation. These fuckers have absolutely no idea on how to treat people, caused primarily by the bean counters in management positions and the off-shoring of vital HR processes, including reimbursement. They will NEVER learn, so must feel the pain. In the end though, it's the same personnel that end up feeling the pain when the corporation shuts its doors for good due to corporate mis-governance....fuckers...

Bruthafromanothamutha said...

I hate my ****ing job and this ****ing company - but they pay me and I have no skills or the energy for anything else. Hang in there Wreckless.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Guys, for now I have to put up with it too. Like BFAM I almost don't have thhe energy to do anything about it, but am using this long break to psyce myself up to leave. Hope the other job, or the lotto come to the party. I really have no desire to continue with this crap.