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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Email from Jayne (with a why)

This is a scary set of photos, but what's more amazing to me is the photo's of the biker. And NO, it's not gory pics of body parts - scroll down and be as surprised as I was.

Safe for sensitive viewing - and NO I didn't get permission to post these pics, not am I intending to - if they come to me in an email, they must be common property.

-Fractured right ankle.
-Broken right toe.
-Broken right collar bone.
-Shattered right wrist.
-Shattered right humorous.
-Soft tissue damage left & right.

And One  Ex.Super - Bike  !

This guy was so lucky, I cannot begin to explain. Suffice to say he was wearing the right gear, and I am sure he managed to get away from the  bike just before impact, or on impact, as the bike continued on it's way to self destruction, he was probably skidding along the tar......


1 comment:

Divemaster GranDad said...

That guy is damned lucky....

If he smacked that weird looking vehicle, it is the same one as has pictures of it posted on Watkykjy...it's built like a tank, so it's not surprising it got off lightly.