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Friday, October 21, 2011

It's his time......

Last night we attended what is officially the last High School function of LuckyL's school career. 12 years that have passed so fast, I can't believe it. The Valedictory ceremony is a very posh affair, with lots of pomp and ceremony, all the teachers and staff coming in their Uni gowns, etc. A guest speaker. All the martics there in the full school uniform. It's a time to celebrate their achievements, and to award those amongst them that stand out from the rest. It's a very special night, and for many a culmination of everything they have done in their 12 years at school.

The sports awards were great, some very talented kids there, and many having achieved well past their school level, and getting provincial colours, and even Springbok colours, and have competed, successfully, overseas.

There are awards for almost every facet of high school life, sport, drama, the various subjects, debating, and those who gave their time in support of the above.

For the more learning types, there is the usual "challenge" for top pupil in each subject category. In the subjects that two specific boys were not represented, there was much expectation, and cheering as the top achiever was named, and went up for their trophy.

For the top achievers, two boys, one a black kid, one a white kid, there was a real contest, with one pipping the other, in various subjects, with a point here or there separating them. I'm talking about kids who get 99% + 98% more advanced mathematics - at martic level.

Anyway, LuckyL got full colours for technical support. He has been responsible for the lighting and sound for all the drama, musicals, and Mr&Miss competitions / shows for the past 3 years. "Technical support" is on the scroll!! Well done my boy.
he also got a partial bursary for the Professional Draughting Academy, value ZAR8250.00 (this for a course that costs ZAR75,000.00), as he was planning on studying Mechanical Draughting. However, he's since decided to do Mechanical Engineering - so we will see what to do with the bursary. Maybe they can give it to someone else at the school.

The last two award sessions came up.

Top (Dux) student for the class of 2011. It was a closely fought battle, with the white kid just piping the black kid to the post! He's going to be studying Actuarial Science at the university of Pretoria - On a full bursary!
The black kid managed to land himself a full bursary to study Chartered Accounting at another university. Well done to both of them. (now go out and discover that there is more to life than just books and learning!)

Then came the Honours roll. The names of those who make this are inscribed on a big board, hanging in the school foyer, and will be there for as long as the school exists. Usually there is only 2 names for each year. Sometimes only one..... And, usually the names are those of head Boy and Head Girl.

When the deputy headmistress went up to do these awards, she said "Everyone believes that the Dux award is the most important one to get at this time. However, it's limited to those that have the capacity to study and recall information over a long period of time. So, the contest there is not for everyone."

"The Honours roll, however, is a place where anyone can compete, and anyone can make the effort to achieve this level of recognition. It is the space for those who add value, make a difference across many functions in their school career."

She then read through the "story" of the first recipient - The head girl. The second one was the head boy, usually the two recipients of this award, as to have a achieved the highest accolade anyway, they must have stood out from the rest.

Then she said, "This year, I have the pleasure of announcing that we have a 3rd nomination, and recipient for the honours roll!!!" She started to read through this persons career.....

His Grade 1 teacher said he was a quiet child, and worked well with the rest of the class. His Grade 4 teacher said he was a helpful child, worked well in a group. In high school, during his first or second year there, we had to send his parents a note, as he had been involved in a fight at school!!!! It was after this incident, that he started to change, and show his real make up. He spent most of his high school career in his older brothers shadow, but this ended when his brother finished school.

He has proven himself to be up to to any challenge, delivering on his duties to perfection. he gave no lee way to friend or foe, if you broke the rules, he took you down. In some instances, he literally put himself at risk, to ensure that whatever issue arose, was brought under control.

Between the 3 Deputy Headmasters, we came to this decision, and I may add that in 30 years of teaching, I have never before had the pleasure of knowing, and working with, a more dedicated, and leading prefect.

His name is forever inscribed on the Honour Roll, in the schools reception foyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



A Daft Scots Lass said...

A proud moment. Congrats!!

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Proud? Lassie, you have no idea!!! I am such a sentimental toss, I had tears running down my face! Suffice to say, I am a very very proud dad right now!!!


Bruthafromanothamutha said...

Fantastic news - really pleased for you all

Divemaster GranDad said...

Wow!! Must have been a real surprise to hear L's name being called out.

Congrats to you all, but especially to L.....just goes to show, everyone has that "something" in them, but not everyone's comes to the fore...

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

BfaM - thanx!
DMDad..... Such a surprise, and I am still walking round like a peacock! he definitely has "something", but is not the type to go around wearing the "badge", just does it in his own, quiet way. It's called MORAL Intelligence - and this is one thing he must have learned from life!


Jayne said...

Mega Congrats to Lucky L - wow, what an achievement!!!

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

You have no idea, Jayne, the breadth of my pride!