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Monday, July 04, 2011

Volkswagen - Part III

So, I still have not me with the Regional Service Manager person. He just didn't come back with a meeting date / time. I know he's supposed to be at the dealership on the 6th, so will meet him there. But he's done himself, and VW no good by not being responsive! now I'm seriously fucked off. He's wasted another week of the car standing, inoperative!

I put together a spreadsheet of all that's been done to the car over the years, based on the information I have. I also want to get the missing stuff from VW that would be available on their computer systems.

3 things come up -
Turbo problems - reoccurring,
Turbo / engine monitoring harness - replaced twice,
and injectors pump - replaced twice.

09/07/2009 - Breakdown - Replaced Fuel Pump

10/07/2009 - Breakdown - 

23381936 1&4 Injectors
97094151 Injector Wiring
03G130073D Pump
03G971033M harness

21/11/2009 - Breakdown  - Replace Turbo

17/02/2010 - 120k Service - 03G130073D Pump - this was within 12 months - I did not get the warranty claim refund! Will address this with them now for sure!!!!!

24/05/2010 - Breakdown  - Waste gate?? (Turbo problems) - here they addressed the "problem" by fucking around with the waste gate for about 4 - 5 weeks. They "temporarily fixed the problem - but not properly!

30/12/2010 - Breakdown - 03G971033m Harness - this was a repeat failure - but after 17 months - makes you wonder how good their shit is?

16/11/2010 - Breakdown - Turbo error on Computer test - this was down in Umhlanga Rocks. But they said he could drive back to JHB no problem, which he did.

18/11/2010 - Breakdown - Turbo error on Computer test - he then had the same reading in Krugersdorp, where they told him to take the car back to the last dealer as the turbo problem was still under warranty.

And there they stuffed around for another few weeks, having one test done after another, and never really fixing anything. At this time, even though the vehicle on board computer said that there was a turbo problem, the Regional Service Manager decided that the 'noise" was at acceptable levels. Somehow they got the "warning lights" to stop indication a problem, for a while anyway, and the problem has now come back.

These are just the items that all reflect to a bigger problem as far as I am concerned, and VW has each time addressed the symptoms, but not investigated the problem. So, We wait for the 6th, and then we go to war.


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