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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Volkswagen - Part II

So, went down to the garage this morning, had a chat to the Service Manager. Told him I expect a meeting THIS WEEK with the Regional Service Manager person.
Also informed him that last night I read through the Consumer Protection Act, and that I am quite willing to take this matter through the legal route, as well as via the media.
He just called to say he has requested the meeting - but the guy is coming around on the 6 July, if he can't get here this week.

Will see...
In the meant ime, here is a piece out of the VW website:-
The benefits of servicing your vehicle at a Volkswagen Dealership are numerous, but aimed at providing you with an inexpensive, efficient and uncomplicated service experience which is attractive both in terms of quality and expertise!

    Volkswagen Dealers are equipped with special tools and equipment that have been developed to work on your vehicle. The technicians are well-trained and backed up by an extensive After Sales support infrastructure.
    Volkswagen Dealers are instructed to use only genuine parts, designed to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. All genuine parts carry a 12-month parts and labour warranty that is valid at any Volkswagen Dealership.
    Volkswagen Dealers are trained to work according to standard procedures and prescribed labour times that cover all repairs as well as the standard maintenance services. This is done to ensure that your vehicle operates safely with associated low running costs. The vehicle also retains resale value when it has a complete service history exclusively performed at Volkswagen Dealerships.
    Volkswagen Dealerships offer an extensive range of services and genuine accessories to compliment your vehicle.
    The vehicle data shown in the service schedule of the owner's manual is intended to ensure that you able to acquire the correct parts and accessories for your vehicle.
    The currently defined service intervals are based on extensive testing. The maintenance intervals make full use of the lubricating ability of the engine oil over the period indicated. All the required items of work have been combined into the appropriate service events, and comprise the necessary checks and replacement of parts and fluids to keep the vehicle in good working condition until the next service is due.
    The stamped proof of service, which remains in your service schedule booklet, serves as confirmation that the service has been done. A complete service record is a pre-requisite for ensuring your vehicle warranty entitlement. Please remember to pass the in-car package, which includes the service schedule, onto the next customer, should you sell your vehicle.
    The service intervals must be observed. When your vehicle is serviced regularly, it allows early detection of any additional items requiring attention.

Remember, your vehicle should be serviced every 15,000km or 12 months, whichever occurs first. If your vehicle has not been serviced in the last 11 months or 14,000km, please contact your preferred Volkswagen Dealership to arrange for the relevant service appointment

So, the red bit refers to the 12 month warranty - and this is the part I aim to nail his arse with.
The blue bit is even more interesting.
Book trade (as of this morning - ZAR 102k
Retail - ZAR 124k
The Used car sales manager at the VW garage says - Cash buy out - ZAR 70 - 75k! EXCUSE ME?
And if I trade it in on a new VW product - up to ZAR20k trade in assistance depending on what I buy.
So, where's the "benefit" of proper maintenance, etc.
I WILL be using thier own web page to fuck them over with this issue as well!!!
Watch this space. A written commitment on a public space is just that - WRITTEN COMMITMENT!



Bruthafromanothamutha said...

I have to admit to living vicariously through you - I totally admire your persistence and I'd be crap at it coz I'd totally lose it and blow any chance I had!
Good luck and I look forward to the next update.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

BoaM - thanx. I admit though that I am also very explosive - however, I have learned that when you absolutely have the upper hand, that semblance of complete control is paramount to success. Ask DMDad, I can be short fused - badly - but in this case I have them by the balls, and intend to squeeze - with a calm, smile on my face.!!!