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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Laptops and anger management

So, two things don't mix - laptops, and anger. Enuff said on that - I will now take you through the official version of my dilemma.

So the other morning I take my stuff (Personal Laptop, company laptop, lunch, cigarettes, 2 x cellphones) and go out to the car to go to work. I put it all down, so as to get the keys to open the car boot. At this time the builders arrive, and buzz the gate intercom. I turn to open for them, at the same time making sure the dogs don't dart out into the street, and then close the gate, and move around the car to move it so that the truck can come past the car going down the drive. And I reversed over my personal laptop!

Dead. Broken, smashed - all of which do not begin to explain the condition of said laptop!!!
Man, this is so broken it.
Anyway, Later in the day I call the insurance company. Seems that even though it's not specified, because the damage occured on my premisis I am covered.
Get a quote to repair / to write off. Send us a claim form, the quote, and replacement value, as well as proof of purchase (not sure why) and they will sort it.
So I take out the hard drive. Whats the odds it will still work? I make some calls, and get a company close to work who do "Data Recovery". Yea right. I go see them. There is the usual long story of how complicated it is, time consuming, no guarantees, etc. I say "Can't you just plug it into something, and check if it works?" Yea he can it seems. He has this "empty" external drive box, that is made for such times. Plugs in the drive, connects it to his PC, and there you go! Drive spins a dream, all the data is available!!!

So, want me to recover the data? Minimum ZAR 2,500.00. Ahem, no, hang on there, let me see if the insurance will pay for it! But, can you get me a price on a majic box like you have there? I ask, refering to the "empty" external drive unit. Ah, he says, usually this is only available to businesses like meine that use it for data recovery, but they cost ZAR575.00 excluding VAT. And yes, he can get me one if I want. Let me chat to the insurance first I say, and I will get back to you.

On the way home, I pop into Incredible Corruption to look at laptops. Need to find a replacement now. While I'm there I ask about the availability of "empty" external drive boxes and stuff.
Off the shelf, readily available @ ZAR 149.00! Sold!!!! Took it home, put in my hard drive, connect to my work laptop, and recovered all my data. Vat So!!!!!

Now the insurance. I get to an authorized repair shop. They give me a "Beyond economical repair" quote. Submit claim, plus quote, plus original invoice, and include a request to buy the hard drive from them for ZAR 250.00, my motivation being I can recover some of the data, alternatively pay someone to do it.
At first they say, No the complete unit must be returned to them (Scrap value I suppose). So I ask them to give me the nearest depot.

next thing I get a call. I can buy the drive for ZAR 250.00, and by the way, seeing as the machine is completely stuffed, I can keep it as well.
So, Full payout of value of machine (Current replacement value) less Excess R500, less Hard Drive buy back R250.
Bargain. And good service to boot.
Will post pics of the laptop later....

So I get to go and buy a new laptop. Any advice? I just had that De Ja Vu feeling)

Oh, I didn't get to the anger management part of this post - ah well, will keep that for another day..... No time now!



Fishman said...

R150 For an External CASE!!! WTF!!! I get them for R30.00. That other guy was definitely smoking something!

Fishman said...

O yes I think Dell makes one for the construction industry. LOL!!!!!!

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Thanx Fish!

Jayne said...

My jaw hasn't gone back to its normal position (as it dropped!) after reading that you ran over your laptop! I bet the air was BLUE! Forgive me but I have a sadistic streak & I can't resist a giggle!

Glad you managed to recover your data tho' - that is impressive :-)

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Jayne, if the official version of the events had your jaw dropping, I would love to see your reaction to the unofficial explanation. Maybe one day I will repost this event - with more detail....
Blue or blew?And I can appreciate your giggles!!