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Monday, May 02, 2011

Hardly Ferguson!

OK, so before I post my report on the latest "rally" I attended, I thought it prudent to publish this apology to Jayne so that she will not be offended. Well, I don't think she will, but hey, you never know as she is a HD rider.

So, Jayne, I am going to post here on my experience and personal opinion of the rally. Although I will have "stuff" to say about HD's, please note that I do consider them motorbikes, and their riders as bikers, but I also like to take the piss. So, when you read my blog, don't take it personally, read it in the vein in which it is written. And enjoy!

Later all...



Jayne said...

You bugger!!!! I've just cranked up the computer, logged in for blogger & seen this - haven't read any of your other posts yet - BUT - your apology is accepted in advance.
Trust me, I'll have somminc to say on your tractor post!

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Hi Jayne, at least I did apologise in advance. Enjoy the write up. I'm sure you will have more than just a bit to say.....