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Monday, April 11, 2011

So what's been happening.....

Well, apart from surfing y fellow bloggers pages, and finding "NOTHING" new for weeks on end (Fishman still away fishing according to his blog", and DMDad still hung up on his great UAE pics, and Jayne still sulking, I have been busy! Not blogging, but doing other stuff.

I recently posted that I was making a Cutlery Canteen for a friend of ours. That was when I nearly amputated my thumb! (It's much better now, but still very sensitive to any bumping - think the nerve ends are still "raw").

Anyway, after 3 failed attempts, wit various options, I eventually got to one that worked, and last night I put the finishing touches to it. However, I must add, if I ever did another one of these, I would have a much simpler format, that used on the final stages of this one. I just could not "strip" this back again, and start from scratch. I can also add that although the ,materials used did not cost that much, I would not do another one for anything less than ZAR 1000.00.
So, I had a drawer out of the lady's Dining room suite side board. And I had a 12 sitting cutlery set.
I made a "drop in" box, that fits into the drawer, and covered it with black felt (Same stuff they use on snooker tables, just a thinner material).
I then laid out the cutlery to get the best fit possible. Due to the amount of stuff that had to go into the drawer, and the drawer constraints, the knives have to "ride" above the forks and spoons.
It finally worked out fine.
Trying various layouts - this one didn't work.
This worked, and finally everything fitted.

Dropped into the drawer

Back view

Can you see how the knives 'ride" over the rest of the spanners?

Another view.
So, it's done. I will deliver when the people get back from wherever they are. I hope she will be happy with the result.
No charge for this, as she paid for the accomodation when the Princess went with her to Cape Twon recently for a few days, so there is no way I will let her pay me for this.



Divemaster Dad said...

Looks great bro....good job. I'm sure the lady is chuffed with it.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Thanx DMDad - Sent her a pic, and she sounds happy. Will see when they get back from their travels...


Bruthafromanothamutha said...

excellent job man

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Thanks - her reply by SMS seems to indicate she's more than happy with it. Will wait till she gets back from wherever they are and see what she says then.


Jayne said...

Very, very classy job m'dear - it's so nice to see real craftmanship :-)

I'm not sulking, cheeky git! I'm suffering from Medupi-itis. Fucking job is doing my head in. I will be back - just wait small :-)

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Hi Jayne, I know, just teasing. And thanx for the comment. Hope to read you soon!