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Sunday, April 17, 2011

LuckyL's new car

So recently posted here that we had got a car for LuckyL.  Anyway. when we concluded the deal, I paid for it with a cheque. On of my own (not a bank guaranteed one). Basically, I knew the funds were there for it, and the dealer was happy enough to take my cheque as he knows me, and trusts my integrity. So  a few days after I issued the cheque, the bank called (my bank, my branch) ans inquired if I had issued the cheque ("Yes, I did") and I told them it was OK. Didn't hear anything about it again. The last Monday the dealer calls, to tell me the cheque has been returned? What? Why? I asked. He said he didn't know, but I should look into it. Called the information desk immediately, and explained the situation. The lady got through to the branch, and asked if the Personal Banker could get back to me. Sure, no problem, here's my cell number.

Come 4pm, I thought, Well, will have to wait for tomorrow. Then my phone rang, and it was the lady from the bank. Told her my story, she called my account status up on the net, and confirmed the cheque had been returned. Could not tell me why. (You would think they would record the details online!). So she tried to explain that it might be an error on the cheque, double writing on it somewhere, maybe the figures and written amounts didn't match..... All this time I'm trying to interrupt her to explain..... SO I take control - "LADY, YOU ARE NOT LISTENING TO ME!!!!" And she stopped waffling..... I AM PISSED OFF BECAUSE I AM A *** LEVEL ACCOUNT HOLDER, I WAS CALLED TO CONFIRM THE ISSUE OF THE CHEQUE, BUT NO ONE BOTHERED TO CALL ME WHEN THEY DECIDED TO RD THE THING TO TELL ME, SO THAT I COULD MAKE A PLAN!!!!!

Then she listened. Basically, I accept that a cheque will get stopped if there is any "error" on it. However, if I had been called and told about it, I could have gone to my supplier and explained the situation to them, and sorted it out. No,  had to hear from my supplier that my cheque had been RD's!!! Not good enough!!!

so she issued me with a complaint number for the Rd of the cheque, so that someone will come back to me to tell me why they did the RD.
And she gave me another number, for my complaint on the bad / poor service, so someone can come back t me to explain why I never got the call.

What really pisses me off is that they quite comfortable to say - Oh. the dealer should understand - Oh, you can just go issue another cheque - oh, OH - WHY don't you fuck off!!!

Anyway, I went past the dealer, explained what had happened, and he said it's OK, just rissue or pay by EFT.

Saturday morning I went into the bank. I asked to see the Personal Banker person. After they kept me waiting for 30 minutes I was getting seriously fucked off with the service. So I went over to the inquiry counter, and asked what would be the best option - EFT, or bank issued guaranteed cheque. (I tried to do an EFT online, but it exceeded my limit).

EFT she says, we would charge you for the cheque. Oh, you think so said I, like hell. Your cockup, your cost! However, seeing as she could help with an EFT, we opted for that. 3 Minutes later the deed was done, te money gone from my account, and into my suppliers! I called him and gave him the good news.

Now we wait to see how quickly my "queries" are responded to, and what excuses they come with.

My bank - Frigging morons.


Jayne said...

I would've thrown such an almighty wobble if that happened to me - that the cheque was RD'd when there were funds in the account to cover it! A Wobble Of Fucking Note I tell you!
I'm with the 'green' coloured bank & they pissed on my battery ONCE (here in Schlepalale) which resulted in the Manager coming to our house in person to apologise. (It wasn't a major event, just a cashier who didn't know her job description) Gotta admit, our complaint was handled very professinally & I'm treated like royalty now hehehehe.

Fishman said...

Stranded Bank

WV = Lospes , Uhm los die peste?

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

he first (and last time) a bank RD'd a cheque of mine was back in 1989/90. I was self employed, and had taken a client to lunch in Welkom. Spur! Anyway, paid by cheque. Some few weeks later I found out the cheque was RD'd. Went to see the bank, and found out it was cause my signature didn't look quite right!!
Went upstairs to the managers office, entered without an invitation, hauled him out of his chair and held him half out of the open window. And told him where his mother went wrong! Needless to say, they never sent a cheque of mine back!!!