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Monday, January 03, 2011

Welcome to 2011

So, 2010 has seen it's arse, and not too soon either. South Africa was riding the World Cup donkey for long enough, and truth be told, it was a crap year from an economic perspective. Sure, anyone who was linked to the WC made money, those guys with the vuvuzelas probably made more than anyone else. The corrupt politicians, and them who got to build the stadium made money, but for the rest of us, it was a recession - for sure. One of my clients, who usually spends in the region of ZAR500m per annum with us, spent ZAR280m in 2010. Go figure!!!

So, how did it end? Well, Xmas eve we spend with the Princess's family. her nephew and his wife invited us for dinner, which was a nice evening. Good food, OK company, and some fun had by all.
Xmas day, first thing in the morning, LuckyL and I blitzed down to the Matriarch's home on the 2 x Yamaha XJR 1200's. Great ride. Then we went to Xmas Mass with her, after which we drove her (in her car) to the Princess's family place for Xmas lunch. A nice day had by all, with lot's of gifts for the little one's. Like it should be. Then we drove the Matriarch home, and returned on the bikes, from Westonaria all the way down the "Potch" highway, to Randburg. Great run - really blitzed it!
Spent the rest of the afternoon there, and then off home.
I managed to get the week between Xmas and New Years off, so we had an incredibly lazy week, just vegetating!
Old Years nearly turned into a flop. Originally we had made plans with some friends to spend it together at the Barn Yard at Cresta. Last miunte thet decided to do something else. By Tuesday we had made alternate arrangements to ge together with anohte couple, at their home, for a realtively quiet braai. Friday morning, when the Princess phoned them to finalise arrangements, they didn't want to anymore - For Fuck Sakes - how do you change your mind at such short notice?? In the meantime, I had called the Princess's boss's wife (we are house friends) to invite them to join us, as they ususlly are in bed by 9pm on old years. Turns out they having a do at their place, and we got an invite to join them! So, after the last let down, Princess called them, and accepted.
Well, we had such an amazing evening. Nice people, nice place, great chow, some drinks....... and we got home after 1.30 am. Really had a nice Old Years evening. Thanx guys!!

The kids, well, Thursday evening they still didn't know what to do. I suggested they go to the coast, as there was a massive street party planned in Ballito. By6pm they decided to go, by 7 pm, arrangements were finalised, by 8pm, they had come past where we were visiting, said good bye, and were on their way!
They arrive there at 2 am.... Needless to say, the Princess and I didn't get much / any sleep.

Sounds like they had a good time. While they were there, the daughter of the people we were having old years eve with called to say her wallet had just been lifted from her handbag. Turns out shes at the same street party as the boys! So one BBM message later, and LuckyL found her, and he sends me a BBM to say:- "Found her, now we moer kaffirs! It was a cleaner, got them..... I'm not sure if they get the wallet back, but they got some action!!
Saturday afternoon they informed us they were going to Richards Bay to spend the night with their cousin and my brother and his wife. Sunday they drove back to Durban to spend the day and night with some of our friends.....

This morning at 6.30 am they let us know they on the road coming home. Be safe boys.

So, everyone had a good time. Everyone, till now, has been safe, well fed, and happy with the year end functions. Lets see if we can keep this momentum going!


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Jayne said...

Crimble was rather depressing until we got to Skype with our offsppring & his family - seeing our granddaughter opening her gift from us was pukka :-) NYE hmmm...I was fast asleep by 10.30pm!

Let's hope this year is better than last!