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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vodacom - Service please

So, the new year brings more of the same - same shit job, same shit crime, and, same shit service! Ah well, at least its consistent!

So, Vodacom. What a bunch of fucking morons. GMan got an Apple i-Phone in November of 2009. The standard contract with Vodacom reads "Your cellphone has a 12 month Manufacturers warranty, and a further 12 months warranty from Vodacom". That's 24 months warranty. OK, so the i-Phone fucks out in month 13. No problem. Take it back to the store, they must send it in for repair / replacement. 3 Weeks later I get an sms to say the phone is ready for collection. I pop in to the store, only to find that a) the phone is not repaired, they say it's out of warranty?!?!, and b) they claim to have called twice with a quote for repairs, 2 calls I never received!!!

So I get the store manager to pull a copy of my contract, and there it is in clear words, 12 + 12. OK, so he calls the VodaCare number, and can't get through. Eventually I take the phone and paper work, and leave. During the day I call the VodaCare line must be 30 times? and every time as you get to where they say "Wait for the next available consultant" , it says, we regret that this call cannot connect at this time (or some other stupid fucking message in this vein), please try again later.

OK, so we go to their website. I find another number to call. First person listens, talks, asks me to hold on, and never comes back! No surprises there! I call again, person two tries to assist, puts me on hold, and comes back. But no luck. Puts me through to another servant, who is no more enlightened than the first two. So, my next move is to drive to Vodacom in Midrand, and present my self in the walk in serbvice centre. Yea right - service centre? Who you kidding.

So, the Nero behind the counter can't understand why I'm pissed off. He also can't help me, he is after all only a data capturer and can not make any decisions outside of the prescribed prompt sheet. So I ask for his manager. She comes out, eventually, and I explain the story to her. She also seems out of sorts with this problem. Places some calls, but an't help me! Are you kidding? Which part of "I will get my lawyer to assist, and haul your asre off to court for all the world to see" don't you understand?
OK, gimme the legal dept. number. She does. I call. Moron on the other end should be at home doing the ironing for the madam, not handing legal issues, but then I find out her job is debt collections - since when is that a legal job? So she puts me through to the Vodacom Legal Dept. The real makoy, that place where the guys with degrees sit and do arse covering work fr the morons who run and rob the company!!!

This moron, who should be back home mowing the lawn for the baas, says he will look into it and get back to me. I say "By tomorrow", he says "Yes"..... needless to say, 2 days later I have not heard from him. POES!!!

All this whilst I am still in the walk in help center..... So the "manager" who cannot read contracts or make decisions comes over with another number for me, on a piece of paper. As she passes it to me, she starts to tell me who this is....  but I cut her off with "Fuck it, you all are way too stupid to understand a legally binding contract, and so I will have my lawyer call instead", and I leave. I pop in to the Vodacom 4U shop next door, ask for a copy of their current agreements, and spot the problem. Their new contracts specifically address the problem with the i-Phones.... only 12 month manufacturers warranty, no extra 12 months Vodacom warranty!!! And that is probably why these fucking morons don't understand what's going on here! But hey, that's their problem. Changers to T's&C's are not implementable retrospectively!!!!

In the car I call the number. This guy, who should be home mowing the lawns.... (you getting the picture now) is the area manager for the East Rand. I live on the West Rand, the service provider is on the West Rand... what did the dumb bitch inside not understand? No problem, apart from the fact he had a screaming child in the background, he was good, and helpful. Gave me the contact details for the area manager on the West Rand. White chick, with brains!!! FUCK!!!! So I call her. No answer, I leave a messag.
Next morning I have not heard from her. I call, and try to leave a message, but the message machine is fucked. LOL. Anyway, about an hour later she calls me back. I explain  the situation   to her...... And she agrees with me!  So I had to scan and email her the info, after which she says she will meet with the relevant outlet, and get them to accept liability and sort it out. So, I'll give her a day ot two, and then start to harass her. Can't wait to see how this pans out!


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