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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Google Sketchup

When I posted that I wanted to attend a CAD class later this year, a friend of mine told me to download this free product, and start to play with it. And I did. You can do basic drawings with it, but as you learn, you find you can get clever with it too.

I have had some fun doing this drawing, which is basically my original plan for a Granny Flat / Cottage for the Matriarch, which will probably never get built as she refuses to move out of the place she's lived in since 1957!!!

Anyway, it is a good introduction into CAD for me, and once you know the basics, it's amazing what you can actually do!

Birds Eye view

Plan view

Birds Eye View.

The amazing thing is that there are multiple selections available, but nothing really standard. So you can't just select a window, and put it in place. You basically create everything. Bit it's very easy, and fast. I'm going to do some work on the windows, as they do not reflect the right proportions, but it's still a good display. I think there is opportunity here for Google to take this product to the next level, and make a bigger library of standard products, which can be made available to the users as click and drag. Eventually, this can be a full blown Drawing package.

Try it, if you have interest in drawing. It's great fun.


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