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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hi all,
Ran out of steam there for a while, and also didn't really have much time. So my "retro" posts kind of dwindled off, even though I have one half written..... and I haven't even had much time to post any funnies.
However, I keep reminding myself that I owe it to the millions of followers I have out there to get back into this blog. And so, here I am. As I write / type, I am sitting in a client planning session for 2011, it's an all day thing. Boring the crap out of me, but then that does not take much to do anyway. Every now and then I voice my opinion, so they know I am awake, and think I am listening!

So, what's been gong on?
LuckyL is done at the coast. Went to visit his Uncle, Aunt and cousin. That's my "no speak" brother to those of you who have followed this blog for a while. At least he has not extended his fucked up stand with me to the rest of my family, as did my "no speak" sister!! (Yea I know, seriously fucked up siblings! So, who of you come from a perfect family?)
GMan, well, so disappointed in him right now. BUT, I love him, he is my son, and I will always be there for him, but man, when he gets to my age he will think like I do - "If I had made the effort then, I wouldn't be in the position I am now"! So what happened? Well, he dropped out of varsity. Well, that's to say, he didn't even make the cut to sit exams. Not too sure how many classes he actually attended, but hey, that was his option I suppose. Can't be holding his hand anymore - he's an adult now. So, I told hi he needs to get a job, and start paying his way. if he wants to study, it's at his own cost. Hard stand to take, but I have a second son who will hopefully want to study, so I will channel the funds that way. Not too many people get this chance in life, and he had one shot at it - and missed!
So, Princess - she is just so amazing! Doing very well in her job. Keeps the home moving, together, sane. I have no idea how broken my life would have been if she was not part of it. In fact, I thank the Big Guy every day for her! She's adopted some of my attitude when it comes to giving crap back when someone gets on her wrong side. Seriously - she scares the crap out of guys 3 x her size. And it's good. She don't take crap from service providers, has a sharper tongue, and stands her ground so well! Good for you Luv!!
Queenie - well lets just say that the older people get (in this case I can say women, as my mom fits this bill as well), the more difficult they get. I swear they spend hours thinking about crap, and then turning it into a life statement, and then try to pass it of as a good lifestyle decision..... and get pissed off when you call them out, show them it's a stupid call.... ah, fuck it. They just full of shit, and don't realize that their thinking is counterproductive and causes more worry than it's worth.
The Dogs - suffice to say i have a 9mm parabellum that's in need of cleaning. i am not against just putting two bullets through the barrel to clear it. They are so fucked up. Well, one of them is anyway. Eating my fucking plants, chewing up conduit / electrical wiring, car mud flaps.... Damn worst dogs that you could ever get as puppies. Someone said that they grow out of it at 2 yrs. Well, I don;t think these two have a 2 yr lifespan!!!

Cars - so the Princess's car is OK, quite new, on a maintenance plan, still under warranty. GMans car is such a piece of technological shit! VW PAssat - TDI (2.0lt). So what's the problem? Too much computerisation, too many fucking gadgets that keep failing, warning lights for everything, inclusding "There is a bad smell emanating from between your girlfriends legs"...! For fuck sakes. Costing him a small fortune to keep repairing, and VW are master rip off artists when it comes to spares.
Check this out:-
 VW - Full clutch replacement, including parts and labour - ZAR 30,000.00 (some change from this). They say the labour is ZAR3,000.00. OK, so parts are ZAR27k.
Goldwagen (big importer of German car spares, from Germany) Full clutch kit - ZAR4,500.00!!!!
Labour - from a friend who runs a small vehicle maintenance shop, and is damn good at what he does, and has the VW software on his computer to do diagnostics and resets...... ZAR 1,500.00!!!! WTF!!!
Headlight globe - VW - ZAR 198.00. Any spares shop - ZAR35.00!!!!
Start to get my point?
My Toyota is tired. I recently looked at trading it, on a Honda Civic (second hand ex-Avis car), but decided that it was not possible financially. So I'm going to take it to  my mate (he who is fixing GMans car) and let him go through the whole thing.Radiator tens to overheat every now and then. gearbox still leaks fluid. All the rubbers and wearing parts in from are tired, as are the shocks.
So, I may spend ZAR5k on it, but then it's good again for another 100k / km.

Nuff for now - be back soon.



Divemaster Dad said...

Dude...the dogs are chewing shit cos they're BORED!! Believe me, I had two dalmatians that chowed R600 worth of caravan fittings a few years ago and had them assessed by an animal behaviouralist.

It's not worth taking a car to an "authorised dealer" cos they use that to justify pushing their labour rates up. And, oh yes, they are also feeling the pinch from the financial squeeze so adjust their rates to try and keep up their income...just like someone we work for...

WV = dededist (deadest with a stutter?)

Jayne said...

It's coming up for the end of the year & I reckon we're all tired........I know I'm gatvol of living in Schleppalale & Hubs is tired of working for a company that seems to reward complete fuckwits.
IMHO not good that laddo has dropped out of varsity - only way he's gonna learn is for you to cut the purse/wallet strings.
Had to larf at the puppies (sorry!) & their antics :-)
VW certainly seems like a complete rip-off, feck, 30G's to replace the clutch?? Someone's definitely having a larf over that.

I need to knock out another post before the Crimble shut-down & I have an idea about the subject matter, but think I might make myself unpopular with my opinion. Waddaya say Wreckless - do I go for it & sod 'em all?

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

DMDad - r correct - they are bored, and it's our fault. BUT, they still got to learn what's right and wrong! Fuck them, they dogs!!!!

Jayne, you pose an interesting point:- Cutting purse strings is done - but at the moment with the poker he's probably more cash flush than I am on a month to month basis!!!

So you make yourself unpopular! With who? do you care? Does it matter. maybe cause someone knows who you are? hence my blog is as it is. Some of my readers know who I am, most don't. And those that do know that I want my privacy.
So, if it was me - I post it. If the repercussions are such as to be a problem, I go back and delete it!