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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DMDad and golden oldie combacks

So, following my starting to post retro stuff which should make a come back, or not, DMDad posted a comment about the old Messerschmitt. A 3 wheeled contraption, German made. Herewith some pics from Google (and no, as usual, I have not asked fro permission to post these. If I can download them from Google, they are in the public domain, and I make no reference to their ownership anyway!).
 Nice example of one. Looks like it could be a Taxi?
 Original Sales poster? Looks like it was a 3 seater too. Driver upfront, and two passengers behind him....
Same company also were responsible for the WWII fighter planes!!!

I remember another 3 wheeler from my childhood days, an Isetta (Italian make), which friends of ours owned.
Similar thing:-
Isetta - eish this is small

With a caravan - yea right! For the dogs maybe - only thing is they would have to run behind you to get where you going!

Full front opening door. Two seats in front one in the back - or at least it looks that way!
Ok, so I went looking for what's going on in the 3 wheeled department in the world right now, and found quite a lot of stuff. Most, I think, comes out of the East (what does not today) and is probably aimed at the poorer markets, and mostly as cheap transport (taxi) or work horses (crappy bakkies!)
Work Horses. Piaggio was an Italian company. Didn't check, but I suspect it might belong to some Eastern company today.

Taxi.... a la Eastern style. Tuk Tuk?

So what's he so smug about? I want to see him get anyone of those things out of one of our potholes!

Probably Korean, but this is starting to look smart - maybe a nice option for in city taxi stuff, like down in Cape Town, etc.

A hybrid 3 wheeled car / bike, but with front wheels that allow you to lean into corners. This is not so "futuristic" as there is something like this in one of the latest Bike SA magazines.

Looks like a 3 wheeled Smart. Can't see number of seat - but does not matter - don't want one anyway!

Tuk Tuk Limo?
So, there are things available today. Admittedly none of them nearly resemble the Messerschmitt of old, or the Isetta. So, would they make a comeback, and would they be successful?

Personally, I don't think so. They are really not practical (don't look it anyway). Small is not good either, considering the size of the average car today. I feel intimidated driving my medium size sedan, these things are smaller then the old Mini Minor. If you made them bigger?
Well, I still don't know. From opening doors tells me that this is possible a weak point for any impact! In your face accident!!!
I think the small car design, as experianced in Europe, to accomodate mostly in city type driving, have surpassed whatever this type of transport would ever be able to offer - other than stare value.
What you all think?
Oh, and what do you all think about these posts? Waste of time, fun to read, or should I stick to my emotional outbursts!



Divemaster Dad said...

I dig these posts...keep them going, but how about doing a bit on bikes, like the BMW/Ural replication thing?

I think these Tuk Tuks have a place in any city, especially those that are planning on, or have, implemented a carbon tax for cars driving in the cities. Also, like Cape Town, where city streets are really narrow, these things would be a great transport option. I think we should have one of our cities (Durban or Cape Town) volunteer to become "no traffic" city centres and these things should be used, sort of like a Park'n'Drive. It will be job creation on a large scale and inner city transport will be viable and cheap once again.

Fishman said...

Crap! Where is the emotional outbursts! They made me feel better....

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

DMDad - thanx. Will look at the bike scene in the near future. I agree with your comments around the tuk tuks. If i recall, a few years ago they imported some to Durban - but they were never really successful.

Fishman - Emotions are dangerous, and I have been doing my best to keep mine contained. However, what that means is that the next time I pop, and post about it, it should be good!!!!

Jayne said...

I'll second what DMDad says I reckon, altho' cleaner engines are needed if the tuk-tuk kinda vehicle were to be come popular here. (Still have vivid memories of gasping for breath in Bangkok)
More on bikes would be great, with perhaps a post on the 'old' British bikes (like I grew up with!) - eg Beezers, Triumphs, Indians, Nortons etc.

I do enjoy your emotional outbursts - my attempted 'rant' is still in the drafts folder......when the time is right, I'll let loose!