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Monday, October 25, 2010

Tha Vespa Project - Part III

OK, so we have not been putting a lot of hours into this over the past weeks. Especially not in the evenings. But over weekends, between other stuff like water polo etc, LuckyL and I have got some stuff done. On Sunday this week we got the engine started again, and took it down the road for a test ride. About 1km. no problems! And no more oil leaks. So, there are some things still needing done, but the oil leak was the main problem, and that's sorted now.

Herewith my email to the owner, which will get you all up to speed on the status:-

First priority was to strip down the motor (not completely) to find the oil leak, and repair. We have completed this, took it out for a ride yesterday (about 1 km) and it runs well - and no oil leak. Second thing we did was drain the fuel tank, clean out the carb and fuel line (because of the synthetic 2 stroke you were using). This done, we refilled with mineral 2 stroke. Runs well.
We now looking at adjustment for the clutch cable, think we can sort that easily. We have pulled in wiring for a cut out security switch, will fit it as soon as I get it. Then we need to get the scratched and so on touched up.
I think you should replace the fancy rubber strips on the floor boards. Will discuss with you when the rest is done, as that can be done afterwards. Not sure what you want to do with the roadworthy. Flickers / mirrors, etc. We could possibly fit temporary stuff. Run the flickers off a battery which we can fit in the side box, just for the RWC, and then strip it out again? Including switch? Fit "clamp on" type mirrors.

Back wheel puncture is repaired and wheel refitted. New stand will be fitted tonight. Might have to add an attachment for the spring (original seems to be ??) Gear cables were running against the exhaust, would burn through eventually, so fitted a clamp and fixed away from harm. Sorted the wiring connection block. New engine oil. A couple of new gaskets (made ourselves). Carburettor was loose - like in "Can I fall apart now!", and the head bolts were not torqued (could have been the cause of the oil leaks). Flywheel bolts - same
Some nuts not fitted - replaced these.
So, it's been a bit challenging, especially since the Italians decided to make use of all their 7mm bolts and nuts and their 11mm spanners!!! There is no way I have any 7mm bolts or nuts in my selection, so any replacement required a visit to the store in town (one which we found carries this size - why I have no idea).

Also, between school sports, functions (school) and other stuff, LuckyL doesn't have as much time to do work on this project, and I'm buggered if I'm working on it for him. But we getting there.


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