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Monday, October 11, 2010

Storms and strong wind.

So it's electrical storms and strong wind season again here in the highveld. Been in the house 6 yrs now, and thought we had seen the best of it. Well, I think this year the electrical storms are going to get worse, meaning increasd claims from the insurance (and increased excess payments) and probably some damage I would have to sort out myself. Like last night.....

I was up at the gate (reasons will be posted in a separate blog), when we suddenly had a massive gust blowing through. Really strong and frightening stuff. As I was up at the gate, I didn't hear anything, but LuckyL ran up to share the good news with me. Seems the wind got a good hold under the roof overhang, and blew the tiles into disarray! Some / many just moved, some fell down. Now you need to appreciate that at this point, the roof is 3 stories high. That's 9 meter plus! I am so glad that there was nothing below the falling tiles. Any car or bike would have been badly damaged. Any person, or dog could have been killed!!!
Herewith some photos, taken this morning.  I got the builder out, and we confirmed that there are between 5 and 8 tiles to be replaced, but they are also going to screw down the front two rows of tiles to ensure this does not happen again. I'm also, for now anyway, not going to put a claim in to the insurance, as the cost will probably be lower than my excess anyway.

Will let you know how thi spans out!


Fishman said...

And you are sitting on the ridge which does help the wind to remove your roof.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

You have no idea how the wind accelerates through the valley towards our home!


Divemaster Dad said...

Is it wise to nail those tiles down and put extra pressure on your trusses when they get lifted by the next wind? Maybe it'll cause structural damage then?