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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Cellphones and Blackberry's

So, the big thing (for some time now) is Blackberry's. I must say that I wasn't keen to get one initially, as the cost is high (you pay in to your contract if you want one) and I most certainly didn't want my work following me around (email forwarding function). However, it would be handy for my private emails, as well as facebook, and blogging. So, yesterday GMAn got me one. ice. Still have to register for the Blackberry service, bu tthat's the easy part. What isn't is setting this bitch up.

So, I load the software onto my computer. no problem. I attach the phone to the computer, and go through the whole setup and update and stuff. Cool. How the hell do I get it to see, and copy my contacts? Dunno, and no amount of swearing / reading / trying different things is working either!

So, I'll wait till I get home and ask the technophobe (LuckyL) to assist. Damn technology! You would think they would make it easy? Yea right, if you're a 12 yr old maybe. For us more mature, easily frustrated, and technologically challenged adults,it's a fucking nightmare!



Jayne said...

I've had a DingleBerry for a few years now & I have to admit I'm useless with it! If I need anything doing I just ask Hubs, cos he's got one as well, altho' a different model. I'm well happy with it, cos it does everything I want it to.
I'm blonde - therefore I don't do technical things LMAO

Fishman said...
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Fishman said...

You should try Lotus Notes Traveller, it makes any other phone a blackberry....

Jakkals said...

Put your sim card in your old phone and copy all the contacts to the sim card. Insert card in blackberry and voila!

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Nice Jayne - however it's quite a useful phone.
Fishman - I understand that does, but it probably wont give you the free internet access you get with the Blackberry thing. And, u r repeating yourself!
Jakkals - Welcome to my blog. Not sure I know who you are, but welcome anyway. I did try the sim card thing, problem there was I got too many contacts, and cant all fit on the sim! However, I have since got the thing to replicate with my PC, and all is well. Thanx