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Monday, September 27, 2010

From this weeks Sunday Times (26 Sept. 2010)

I just had to copy and post this piece, which is just a small part of an article in the above referenced newspaper. just so as to ensure I don't get into shit for copying someone else's stuff. I don't always read this guys stuff, he has a whole page at the back of one of the sections, but tries too hard to be funny, I think, so it's usually crap. I happened to read this this week as the newspaper was full of crap, so figured his stuff would be less crappy?!? Anyway, I found this amusing.

From - The Subday Times - The whipping Boy, Ben Trovato, under the heading - It's the thin edge of the wedge of lime in my gin and tonic......

He writes about the selling of alcohol times laws which are a 'changing. Amongst other things, no booze to be served before 11 am. So what happens to this who enjoy a champagne breakfast? And what about those gusys who do the breakfast runs on their motorbikes?

I quote "By way of example, he sketched the scenario of a group of bikers going for a Sunday morning run. They stop off for bacon and eggs and a glass of champagne and orange juice and the next thing you know, they have moved on to triple whiskies and buckets of flaming sambuca. With the demon alcohol gnawing at heir brains, they smash their headlights to get at the bulbs so they can smoke enormous amounts of crustal meth. The out comes the heroin and before you can say Puff the magic dragon, it's off to Camps Bay for a spot of raping and pillaging. At this point, most will ahve killed themselves on Chapman's Peak, taking hundreds of innocent families with them. The survivors, by now hopelessly drunk, stoned, and ahllucinating on lysergic acid, return home to abuse their children and impregnate their wives and spawn another generation of beserk bikers with foetal alcohol syndrome. And there yoyu have it. Champagne breakfasts will destroy civilisation as we know it."

And that, my frineds, is why the government wants to review the alcohol laws!!



Jayne said...

I tend to agree with you - the journalist tries a bit too hard to be funny.....
However, this nearly made me smile ;-)

The guvmunt hasn't got a bloody clue has it?

Fishman said...

If you buy it you must consume it in the store. Otherwise you might just leave it for the next days breakfast.....

wf = pubbe

More than one pub?