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Monday, August 16, 2010

This past weekend did prove to be, well, somewhat interesting......

As previously posted, Princess went away for a girls weekend, LuckyL was staying at his girlfriends place, and GMan we all over the place, but hardly at home, or sleeping when he was in.
So, what did I do with myself?

Well, Friday was work day for me, we can't all take the day off to drive to Bloem for a piss up weekend! (wink wink, nudge nudge princess!!!). And to top it off, I got home later than usual for a Friday! As I was leaving the office, I noticed the "extended team" working through some stuff related to an opportunity I am currently involved in. So I stopped and checked, and got involved as they were "all over the floor" so to speak. With my entry level reasoning I took the clients requirements, and put them into blocks (on a board) and aligned them so that like was with like, and different was placed apart, and helped them get a better picture of what was required. And then I left them to work out the finer detail. Geeezzz, makes you wonder how some of these people get into the positions that hold and get paid for? Anyway....

Got home, to a very quiet and lonely place. LuckyL was home for a while, till he got collected to go to a hockey game, and dinner with SleepyK and er family. GMan turned up, and promptly fell asleep on the couch, as he had ad a very late night (early morning) and needed to get 'refreshed" before his night out Friday. I left him to sleep till about 6pm, at which time I woke him, told him to get done, and would see him later. And then i went down to the sports club, (where I go every Friday for the lucky draw) for a bub supper, and the draw. Hung around there for a while, then went down to Cedar Lodge, (owned by a Lebanese friend of mine) For the opening of their new out door pub. Was nice, but cold, so I didn't hang around for too long, then went off home and watched TV till LuckyL and SleepyK returned. She was staying over for the night, as the two of them were going to LuckyL's cousins sons first birthday party Saturday morning with Queenie. From there, SleepyK's folks were fetching them to take her to another hockey match, and then back to their farm where LuckyL was staying over.

GMan went to the pub opening as well, and from there on to a night club (did he mention Casablanca?) where he managed to get into a spot of bother. Seem he and some friends were chatting with the bar lady, a girl he knew from school (2 - 3 yrs ahead of his class). At some point one of the other barmen (a darkie) sidled up to her and put his hands / arms around her waist. She got offended and told the guy off, at which point he got cocky with her, and GMan proceeded to haul him over the bar counter by the throat, and onto the public side!! Here it got a bit fuzzy, as before he could rip the guys head off and shit on his lungs, three big, VERY BIG, bouncers showed up. Lucky for him the gave him a minute to explain, and as he was doing so, one of the bouncers recognized him. "Hey, don't I know you?" he asked. "Yup" said GMan, "I'm xxx, met you when I was introduced to you by the owner of this place". The owner is a mean tempered Lebanese, and an acquaintance of GMan! Helps to have some shady friends.  At this point the bouncers backed off, asked him to please behave, and warned the barman against getting fresh with the other staff! And he said "Dad, I nearly had to call you to come help!" Like maybe he was hoping I'd turn up with the 9mm, cause my days for taking on bouncers are long gone!

Anyway, Saturday morning breaks, and I got to get LuckyL and SleepyK up and ready. At about 8.30 am they leave with Queenie. I go down to the garage, as I had decided it was time to a) clean up a bit, b) pack away a load of tools that LuckyL and I had been using but never put back in their place, and c) wanted to rearrange some of the stuff. I worked, alone, till about 12.30. Man what a job. You try moving, amongst other things, a flipping 3 door wardrobe around. Across the garage floor (about 4 meters) and then up 3 steps, and then across the work area (about 5 meters) and then move it into place between the shelving and a filing cabinet! Just as well I unpacked it first, else I would still be trying to move it!!!

Anyway, got that done, which meant I could rearrange some of the other "stuff", and better utilize the wardrobe for other stuff, which I need / want, but don't use everyday. That's what I've been trying to sort out for a while now. keep everything I need / want, but then sort and store in different places according to rate of use. Now the work area and garage look a bit better, but there's still a lot of cleaning out to be done. It's amazing, the more space you have at your disposal, the more crap you tend to accumulate! If we had to move now, I'd need a truck just for my workshop stuff!!!

Anyway, finished there, i went upstairs, had a shower, and then off to the club for lunch. (Hey, I was not going to hassle with trying to cook for myself, much easier to go to the club and order something!!!)

After that I drove down to a friends new home. They started building late last year, were supposed to move in beginning of July, then beginning of August, and now, with a bit of luck this week!!!

Gavi's a self employed electrician, but does not do hoses and appliances (general day to day) stuff. He doe large scale implementations, automation etc, so didn't get involved in the electrics of his new house. Against my recommendation!!! See, he's a bit of a perfectionist, and very proud of his work, so if he's done some installations, I probably could recognise his work anywhere, just cause he does it so well, and neatly, and every wire / cable is numbered and marked.

Anyway, he got a contractor in to do the wiring of the house, and has subsequently spent the past 2 - 3 weeks redoing all of the wiring himself!!!!   Anyway, I helped out for a few hours, and at about 5.45 pm left him there, so that I could go get ready for some supper. By this time, GMan was already down at his poker tournament, and wouldn't be back home till late Saturday night, or rather, early Sunday morning.

I eventually had dinner at home. Found some left over lasagna, (probably enough for 3-4 people) and ate it all! Then went up to the club to see if anyone worth visiting with was there. Was OK for an hour or so, but then a disco until started up, (there was a very loud private function in the lounge) and played some seriously loud, but shit, music. That drove me away in  no time, and I took a drive down to the local casino. Bad place to be when you lonely!!!!

Walked around for a while, just watching the gamers (machine players) and gamblers (tables players), and then moved into the smoking area. Found a place at the poker game, River poker, not Texas Hold'em, and sat down. I still had a ZAR500 chip in my wallet from my last visit there some months ago, and cashed that in for ZAR50 chips. Was along night, and eventually I left there ZAR1500 up! Not bad for a nights work.

Sunday was a slow start. Eventually got all the mandatory stuff done, and then went for a long ride on the bike. Was a fantastic day for biking, and didn't get into any road racing, or hooliganism (for a change). Later I drove to the farm to collect LuckyL, had some coffee there, and by the time we got home, Princess had returned from her ladies weekend away.

Seem she had a lot of fun, and information was sketchy at best. Maybe just some memory loss, or, as the comments on her face book says "Thanks for a great weekend ladies. And remember, what happens in Bloenfonteing, stays in Bloemfontein!"
Say no more.

Anyway, we were all home as a family again, for a change, and life was / is good.

Didn't win the Lotto / Powerball. Didn't lose at the casino. Didn't dirty any dishes. A good weekend, but I'm not too sure I want to be alone again, not too soon anyway!


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