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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

As usual in Africa

Every winter, we are inundated with veld fires (LIU). For whatever reason, every winter the locals set fire to every bit of veld that's covered in dead veld grass, so we have a constant horizon that's blurred, and smokey. The threat to farms, and the actulal loss of livestock every year it enourmous. Yet, they continue to do it. Fire engines are constantly being called to help control many of these firs, as they can get quite close to residential dwellings.
The attached photos I took from the deck at our home. We overlook the neighbors place, and a few days ago, the veld below their place was set alight. I spotted the neighbor walking all along his fence as the flames made their way down, trying to keep them back using his garden hose, which would have been of no help had the flames jumped into the trees on his property.

It soon burned itself out, without anything more than an inconveninace to all those living in the area caused mainly due to smoke, and soot flying around. At least now that's done, so we wont have to worry about it till next year this time.


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