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Monday, August 23, 2010

21st August 2010

I turned 51! Yup, over the 50 mark, and nothings changed. Still feel  like I'm 35, but I must admit the body does not always agree. What with the smoking, no exercise, work stress and family stress, I can soon feel when I've pushed it a bit, and then got to take it easy for a while. No matter, I'm still here, going strong.

So, what did I do on Saturday? Well, I'm beyond "celebrating" my birthday, to the extent that I don't want any [presents from the family, and definitely no birthday cake and stuff, (although I wouldn't mind a chocolate cake anytime!).  For some unknown reason I couldn't sleep in. Up at 6.30 am, and did the usual morning stuff like, put the kettle on, have a smoke, make and drink coffee, with a second smoke, go out and a) let Snoopy (the old dog) out of the garage, and b) feed the other two mutts.

Eventually the Princess got up too, and came down stairs with a gift for me. A new watch. For some time now I've said that I'm thinking of getting a new watch. But, I don't want anything with a battery of any kind. I've been using a Seiko "automatic" for the past 15 or so years (had 3 in this time) and like that it never stops, runs flat, etc. I also need the date (and till  now the day) to be on the watch face. So the Princess had got me one - a Kinetic one though, same principle it seems.

Nice, also silver (chrome finish), and with date and day. But it wasn't quite what I wanted. She said I could go and look at swapping it out if I wanted. So that was agreed. But, if I didn't find anything else (I was kind of into something with a gold / silver finish, for a change), I would keep this one.

Later, I took a drive to the grocery store, and did my monthly grocery shopping for Witness's widow, and drove to the squatter camp to deliver the good to her. The Princess went off to a hen party. Had a long chat to Sara, (the other lady at the squatter camp that has the cell phone), and learned that she had now applied for her senior citizens grant, and would know in a few weeks. I've kind of been helping her with this, and told her to keep me updated. She also mentioned that Emily (Witness's widow) was getting nice and fat!!! I had to smile. It's obvious that a) I'm buying her enough food for the month, and b) she's doing nothing other than sit around and talk shit with her neighbors all day. I think I need to motivate her to do something for herself, or at least for the people around her, like baby sit, or watch the kids, or something.

From there I drove back towards home, stopping in at Cedar Lodge for lunch with GMan. He'd gone there to prepare for the Saturday Poker game. His  partner was there as well, this being a well heeled Lebanese fellow, and a friend of mine to boot. Anyway, he decided to put me into the game, and we would agree a split of the winnings if I made final 4. In total there were 19 players, with a couple who rebought into the game, making a total of 26 players for the prize pool. Buy in was ZAR1150, with ZAR1000 going into the prize pool, and the rest into the rake for the organizers.

The Princess gave me permission to play, so I stayed. This was my first live game in over 12 months. After much frustrations, and wondering how some people thought when playing, I managed to finish in 5th place. Not in the money, but good enough to get noticed, thereby possibly ensuring that I get invited back, sponsored. We will see.

Anyway, he was also hosting a surprise birthday party for his wife's 40th that evening at the Lodge. he had booked out the whole restaurant, and made provision for the booze! Apparently he had put down ZAR25k for the affair. Whilst we were chatting he invited me and the Princess to join them! Great! A quick sms to the Princess, and we were sorted. We had been planning to go out for dinner, but this would be nicer, and with good company as we know a lot of their friends and family.

Turned into quite a party, and we eventually got away there at 2 am, this after trying to leave several times from about 12.30, but not managing to get past my host!  No problem though, it's a short drive home, and we really did have a great evening.
Check out this birthday cake!
Apparently the lady has a thing for expensive handbags (recently spent ZAR27k on one!) and bodices.... can't understand why! Both of these pieces in this photo are cakes!

Sunday morning, I again could not sleep in, so was up and about earlier than the damn birds. Anyway, I did my usual Sunday morning thing at about 9 am, went down to the Bakery and got fresh rolls for the day, as well as my Sunday newspaper. Then I popped in at the watch shop to look at what alternatives they had for me to swap out my gift for. And I spotted  the watch (mixed gold / silver) that I liked, but was shocked at the price!

Anyway, I drove back home, and eventually the Princess arose from her beauty sleep (not that she needs any) and we got done for the day. Sundays. as usual, is 'visit my mom" day, and today was our turn for lunch with her. On the way, we stopped in at the watch shop, and looked at the alternatives. It was also a kinetic. I asked if they had any automatic watches - there is a difference, and I'm not sure I wanted the kinetic after all.

They had a few in different makes, not too many manufacturers do automatic it would seem. Then I spotted this one, and settled on it, and it was on 40% discount!!! so the Princess got ZAR200 back!!!!
Got this pic off of the internet. The date is very very small, but hey, I can see it on my cellphone anyway!

It's a big watch, and rather heavy compared to what I was wearing, but it's nice, and different. Change is a good thing sometimes. Anyway, I'm enjoying wearing it, just have to go back to have the strap made a bit smaller / shorter. Can't stand having a watch slipping around on my wrist.

Lunch at mom's was great, as ususl, and I found time to prune her peach tree too! It's an art I learned from my late Dad, something I never thought I would use, and something I've done for Mom since Dad passed away 14 years ago. And, I might add, I do it very well. She has a good crop of excellent fruit every year!

Rest of the day was spent doing nothing. After we got home I fell asleep on the reclining armchair, the Princess went for tea at a friends place, GMan eventually woke up for the day at 10 to 6!! and LuckyL called to ask if he could spend the night (another one) at the girlfriends place, as there was no school for Monday due to the strike.

A great weekend, loads of fun, and good time!



Jayne said...

Ummm.....who was Witness?

(Belated) Happy Birthday!

Anyone who spends 27G's on a handbag has got more money than sense.

Bummer on the 5th place in the poker, but I bet you enjoyed it nonetheless :-)

I'm knackered after reading everything you did over the weekend!

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Hi Jayne, Witness was my gardener, you can click on his mane in the link, and see the story around that.
Tx for the b/day wishes.
27g's on a handbag - can u blv it??
The poker game was great! Yea, could have made 4th and some money...
Go take a 40 wink / cat nap!
Thanx for calling.....


Fishman said...

Hey old man, we must go for a beer! If you like choc cake I will organise you one.