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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More on the road trip

So, unbeknown to me, the Princess is also a regular reader here, just never leaves any comments. She happened to read today, and had a good laugh tonight when she and LuckyL told me that they had had a discussion around the farm visit and my road trip, exactly as I had proposed in the post earlier!! How's that for coincidence!

So, I'm looking at this more seriously now, as it seems that the rest of the tribe want me to go too. So, the plan is to go to Koffiefontein, and then from there a blitz down to Jeffry's Bay. Stay there till Sunday, and drive back to Gauteng Monday / Tuesday. Then home for one day, and away with the boys for a hunting weekend on Thursday! Sounds like a damn fine idea to me.
Will investigate the options around taking leave, etc.


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Bruthafromanothamutha said...

have a ball - all of you - it is more than well deserved.
Stay safe