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Monday, April 19, 2010

Fine Hotels and freebies

This past Friday, the Princess and I got an invite to "guinea pig" a new hotel. Basically, before they open to the public, hotels invite staff, and friends to spend a night at the hotel, at no cost. This is a new Southern Sun hotel, situated at the Monte Casino complex. We know people who know people who.... Nah, we are friends with a lady (and her husband) who is employed by the group, and so got an invite to join them for the night. basically, you go there, and check out the accommodation, and all related services, and comment on it. From arrivals, all the way to service during meals, the meals themselves, service on the deck, at the bar, coffee shop... whatever.

So we booked in, and settled down. The rooms are great. Two double beds, a nice flat screen TV, bathroom with bath, shower, toilet and basin, with sliding door that opens into the room for watching TV whilst relaxing in the bath! A desk, electronic safe in the wardrobe, and small balcony just about sums up the rooms. Nice, neat, not too small.

However, they have a serious problem with the shower drains. The shower door does not seal properly on the tiled floor, and due to the poor drainage, I managed to flood the whole bathroom. At least 2 centimeters of water covered the floor wall to wall!

The lamp on the desk didn't work. And the electronic safe didn't lock. teething problems, just the kind of things they wanted us to find, and expose so that they can get it fixed before they open to the public.

Down to dinner. Which was an experience of note. No problems here, as they had a spread which would make seasoned gastronomes weep!!! there was an Antipasto spread, which alone would have kept e going back for more for the whole night. Then the menu, with a choice of starters, main course and desert. All of which left me wishing I could order everyone of them!

A nice touch is the open plan kitchen. I spent some time just standing in the middle of the dining area, watching the chefs preparing various dishes. They ave a fancy touch screen where all the orders are posted, and as each is called off, they are deleted by a simple touch. For some obscure reason, they have 3 overhead cameras in the kitchen area, and you would be able to watch the chefs doing their thing from the rooms, on the TV. A nice touch I suppose, if that's your thing.

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