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Monday, February 22, 2010

Having fun with service providers

So, ever get annoying sms's from companies you have never even heard of, never mind done business with?
I do, and much like the spam emails about having won millions of dollahs or pounds, they piss me off. If you are going to use modern technology to communicate, you better be sure that the dumb fuck (I failed woodwork) who you employ to use the technology knows what he / she / it is doing. Eventually, the modern tech stuff might not be fool proof, but it sure will only do what the fool using it will make it do!

So whats all this about?

I get an sms, I reply, I get another (not as a response to mine but as further information) I reply.... and then I get even.
here's how this went down.

From +27798993871
We confirm that the request for OCEAN SEREANDE, 109 Vause Rd, Durban has been allocated to Mark Pillay who can be contacted on 0736216823. Job ref no. 17127. Regards, Trafalgar Property Services.

So I call the number - busy...

So I sms them:-
I think you have the wrong number

Received just a few minutes later:-
From +27798993871
Thank you for reporting your maintenance request for OCEAN SEREANDE, 109 Vause Rd, Durban. Your Ref No is: 17127. Regards Trafalgar Property Services.

I call again, no answer, and sms them:-
This is my 2nd and last response. U have the wrong cell number.

Then, about 30 minutes later as I don't hear from them, I send this sms to the referances Mr Pillay:-

To:- 0736216823
We confirm that the maintenance request for OCEAN SEREANDE, 109 Vause Rd, Durban has been cancelled. Job ref no. 17127. Regards Trafalgar Property Services.

Never heard another thing!

Cost to me - 2 sms's.
Value - immesuarable!


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