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Monday, February 22, 2010

GMan - update on current status

So, this past weekend there was a major Poker Hold'em tournament at Royal Swazi. ZAR10k buy in / freezeout. Over 110 starters. GMan managed to get a sponsor to put him into the game (4 actually - each for a 20% return) and so he went down with some guys to try his hand at the big time.

To say he did well is an understatement. Of the 7 giys on his "team (guys who went down together, and backed each other one way or another) 5 fell out the first night. in fact, one of them was out in the third hand dealt! First victim of the tournament.
The other one fell out soon after play resumed on day 2 - Saturday morning.

GMan played out of his socks. By Saturday evening he made final 30! At this point he was amongst possible the top 20 players in South Africa!
he put up a good show, and once the first guy fell out, they had a break. He had a chat with one of his sponsors, and based on the size of his chip stack thay agreed that the next good hand he got, he wouldn't just raise, but ship the lot.

A few hands later he pulled pocket 5's, and shipped the lot. He got called by a big stack, who managed to hit the board with a bigger pair and he was knocked out.

I'm not sure I agree with the move, but they made a call, and played it.
Overall he did well. He has gained a lot of respect in the games circles with his play, and has now secured sponsorship for a lot more of the local freezeouts and other tournaments that will be playing in the near future.
So, he had an awesome weekend away with a bunch of high rollers, it cost him nothing at the end of the day, but the learning experience was great.

Hell, I wouldn't mind if someone put me into the game at those stakes!!!
Watch this boy - big things to come!


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GMan is a chip off the old block....