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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to best prepare barbel (Catfish).

Barbel is commonly found in dams and rivers in South Africa. I have no idea if they are endemic to this region, or an exotic species (introduced here by some moron years ago). However, they are often caught by fishermen (anglers), most of whom throw them back. Alternatively, they are given to some or other "needy" - "PBI" who might be lurking in the area.

But, I have, after many years of research, found the best way to cook this thing, so that some value can be gleaned for the efforts made to catch it in the first place. (They give a good fight when hooked up, especially on light line).

Ok, fillet the fish, the skin is not edible. Lose the head too, as well as all the guts.
Take two planks from a tomato box.

Coat the 'insides with thick layer of butter.
Layer one plank with sliced tomatoes, onions, and green peppers.
Layer the filleted catfish on top of this.
Add more layers of the tomato, onions and green peppers on top of the fish.
Place the second plank on top of this pile.
Tie together with wire, so that you can turn it over the fire, without spilling the contents.
Braai for about 1 hour.
When you are sure the fish is well done, remove from the fire, remove the wire straps.
Open the assembly, throw the filleted fish away and eat the planks.

Enjoy with a good, cheap plonk!!



A 2 Z said...

The Beaver Diet! Very famous in Canada!

Fishman said...

The same recipe applies for guinea fowl

A 2 Z said...

I wish I knew your e-mail address. A friend from SA sent this joke to me. I will try to fit it all in:



Government warns World Cup stab vests useless against taxi fenders

JOHANNESBURG. A knife-proof vest being marketed to British tourists as a must-have item at the 2010 World Cup has been slammed by the South African government, which says it is completely pointless as most tourists killed will either be shot or run over by taxis. However the country has recommitted itself to killing as few tourists as possible.

According to the BBC, the so-called stab vests are being marketed in the United Kingdom as essential security wear for the 2010 World Cup and cost up to $70.

However, this morning the South African government condemned the armoured items, describing them as alarmist, reactionary and discriminatory against people who earn a living through knife crime.

But, said spokesman Whiplash Mahlangu, the real outrage was how ineffective the vests would be in keeping tourists alive.

"We urge our visitors to remember that of the 1,500 South Africans who are murdered and the 1,100 who are killed on our roads every month, only a tiny minority succumb to knife wounds," said Mahlangu.

He added that while the usual 2,600 locals would be killed during the World Cup, South Africa was committed to killing as few international visitors as possible.

"If we can keep it down to around one percent of the South African average, that is, 26 tourists, we'll consider that a job well done," said Mahlangu.

But, he said, visitors would have to accept that stab vests would "not be of optimum utility in an average hail of gunfire from an average assault rifle, or against the earnest advances of a Toyota Hilux's front fender".

He asked both South Africans and foreign tourists to remain positive about the World Cup.

"The world is coming," he said. "The important thing to remember is that of the 500,000 guests coming to our shores, 499,974 will be going home alive.

"Ultimately football will be the winner."


RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Sounds like a nice treat for unsuspecting bears that happen to be roaming around - are there any? Thanks for the silly post.
Hope you're well, Wreckless.

Divemaster Dad said...

That's also the best way to cook "PDI"s as well...but then throw the planks away as well and just drink the plonk...