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Thursday, October 18, 2007

More pics of stuff

This morning I stood in the queue with 50 other people at the local Vehicle licensing office. This is 2 minutes to 8, opening time. It's like this every day of the week. people arrive from 7am to get to the front of the queue. There are about 14 service points in the building but never more than 7 or 8 people on duty. You would think that seeing as this is the norm, and continues throughout the day that they would employ more people.Last Saturday i got witness, the gardner, to start clearing the rocks from the bottom of the garden. There is some good soil underneath, and I figure to plant some bushes, shrubs, flowers down there. he worked for 3.5 hours on this little piece, with LuckyL helping, and check the pile of rocks they produced. Cleared area in the middle of the pic, and pile of rocks next to it on the right.

Lastly, yesterday i attended the funeral of a friend / acquaintance. He died 1 day after his 42nd birthday. he had been in a coma following a motoring accident about a month ago. There were about 800 people at his funeral. A very sad day.
R.I.P. Fernando Gomes Inacio, or "Our Giant" as his family referred to him.Salagatle!

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