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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More on the past weekend

Apart from the excellent rugby:-
Our home was hit by lightning (again) on Saturday night while we were out.
2 x television sets, gate motor, intercom system, 2 x security cameras, with relevant pariphenalia (signal translator, switcher etc.),, 1 x cordless telephone, 1 x lightning arrester, 1 x tv aerial. I don't really care too much other than it's a ball ache to get the claims processed etc.

The fixtures, like the gate motor, security camera's, etc. are covered by the homeowner insurance, and the rest on the home contents insurance. So it's two seperate claims (and 2 x excess to be paid). When I called the home owners insurance, the papvreter (thanx Fishman) on the other end wanted to tell me that in future I must log the damages claim before I have the repairs done! HUH? I told him, in these words (and it's supposed to be recorded!):-
"Listen you fuckhead, this happened on Saturday night. Would you have had me and my family sleep in the car outside the gate till Monday morning 9am when you decided to get to work before I got some help? Don't be fucking stupid, and think before you speak. Now let me submit my claim before I get nasty with you!"
And he did.


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