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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Renamed again

Due to the fact that i am making the burial chambers rectangular, and not the regular shape, it's called a casket, and not a coffin. So, I have, once again, renamed the relevant blog page diycaskets. DIY - because I really think I will be doing the SKD units for export into Africa (mainly) and caskets, cause it's not a coffin, is it?
So, the link has been updated accordingly. And that's all that has changed...


Fishman said...

Call the place "SBG Caskets"

Fishman said...

Eventually a Link to my blog! Thanks!

Divemaster Dad said...

Papvreter Boxes, Platneus Dose...would be my suggestions for a name. But then, these days, I'm not being objective... :-)

Wreckless EuroAfrican said...

What's SBG?
And yes, I was surprised yesterday when cleaning p my page to see you were not listed. Please accept (again) my humblest apologies!

Yup Steve, you may be right, but that is also my intened market so I'm not sure the name would "sell". But I understand where you are coming from.... Have a good one Bro!

Fishman said...

Sophisticated Black gentlemen!