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Monday, December 18, 2006

More car trouble

Saturday morning I get up, and tell the boys we're going to the bike shop to buy a Yamaha DT 125, a bike I have selected with which I plan to teach them how to ride. As I am reversing out of the garage (moved 3 inches) I hear an almighty bang, and the rear window of the Princess's VW Kombi exploded!!!!

The garage door bottom runners came out of the guide, causing the door to sag, just enough for the handle to line up with the window, and as I moved back, the only part that could "give" was the glass. So this morning I lodged another claim with the insurance company, and tomorrow morning the glass guys will be fitting a new window. Shit!!!

So we never got to go and buy the bike......


1 comment:

Steven Douglas said...

So much for Shatterprufe glass....hope nobody got injured?