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Monday, November 27, 2006

London running.....

From the Sunday Times - 26 / 11 / 2006 - http://www.sundaytimes.co.za/PrintEdition/News/Article.aspx?id=326780
and no, I didn't ask for permission... I'm giving them free advertising space....

Immigration sparks white exodus from UK Rowan Philp:
London26 November 2006
White Britons, alarmed at immigration, are fleeing the capital and even the country in record numbers in a “white flight” that mirrors South Africa’s exodus.
And this week a controversial new book which seeks to explain their flight, encouraged young British-born families to leave in the face of unchecked immigration . A report by Britain’s chief immigration think-tank, Migrationwatch, said more than 100000 British-born Londoners have left the UK capital this year as immigrants stream into the city. Meanwhile, another report by private analysts predicts that the white exodus is set to accelerate further, and that London’s immigrant population will jump from 40% to 60% i n just 12 years. Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, said the departing whites were being replaced by other ethnic minorities in their neighbourhoods, leading to a “very unfortunate” apartheid-style segregation of the capital.
The report said it was a potential disaster for integration and race relations in Britain. “The effect is a rapid increase in the ethnic minority composition of some boroughs, resulting from an outflow of the white population and an inflow of African and Asian international migrants.”
While white South Africans fled Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban for either suburban security complexes or foreign shores in the mid-1990s, experts said whites in London and cities like Birmingham and Bradford were fleeing to rural “market towns” — and, increasingly, abroad.
In his seemingly xenophobic book, Time to Emigrate? George Walden, who was education minister under Margaret Thatcher, had no doubt about the cause. I mmigration had created “unacceptable” terrorist and crime risks, and had doomed British culture .
Walden told the Sunday Times: “I’m not saying all our national problems are due to immigration . . . but this is the greatest gamble this country has ever taken and it is totally unplanned.
“Already, we’re seeing the failure of the policy of multiculturalism, which — as Trevor Phillips, our race relations tsar has pointed out — has come down to separate development; in other words, apartheid. We have a dangerous mixture of people who do have colonial resentments; who have fundamentalist beliefs; and who have absolutely no desire to integrate.”
In his book he predicts London, in a decade, will be “a three-ring circus without the laughs” — including largely white inner and outer rings bristling with security, and a “multicultural ring” exclusively made up of “ethnic immigrants”.
“The rougher parts of the multicultural ring will be ghettoes of crime, poverty and racialism in reverse.”

The scary thing for me is:-
All these people emigrate to the UK for a better life. Only because wherever they have come from they have "pulled it all through their ......."
They emigrate because they can see how well the British are living. They bring nothing to the party. They add no value. The EXPECT to be taken care off. They revert to their lives of crime (mostly), and will cause a general degadation of their immediate surroundings, forcing, via criminal action, all others to desert the place.

The same scenario is playing out in France, Italy, Greece....

If the government of the day, and more importantly, the citizens (read WHITE, original British) don't raise their voices, then soon London / Paris / Rome will become the ghetto's of Europe. They will become unmanageable. They will degenerate to the point which the Johannesburg CBD now finds itself. Refer to http://www.deathofjohannesburg.blogspot.com/ for a better insight.

You cannot run away from this. It's not someone else's problem.

Take a stand. Challenge the system. Have the riff raff thrown offshore / sent back to that self made cess pool they call home. At the end of the day, in most instances, these invaders come from countries which may have been colonised by the British many years ago. They were eventually given back to the people in good, working condition, with strong economies and good infrastructure. By their own doing these people have systematically destroyed everything that was in place, and will do the same to Europe, given the chance.
The days of self brow beating and apologising for the sins of our fore fathers are long gone. Be silent now and forever pay the price!!!



Steven Douglas said...

Well said, bro...

I share all your sentiments, but at the same time believe that no matter how much the indigenous population of a country raises its voice against immigration, governments will usually see it differently and, if anything, take 10 years to react which, as we see now in the UK and Europe, is too late...

That dude in the UK said...

Steven, spot on

Story here is the government believe they are crucial to the growth in the economy. Reality is they are creating an underclass of people who will work for minimum wage and who will do all the shit jobs. The other day Blair sort of apologised for slavery, what he didn't admit to is they are doing it again but this time it is more subtle - economic slavery.

Feel for them - know a number and work with two polaks. The one in particular has taken a massive drop in status to come and work here, away from her family coz the money is so good by comparison. What that article didn't cover is the growth in violent crime as a result, also the big time fraud.

Bizarrely as always - all that's ok as long as it isn't a colour thing. Politics here is odd though - driven by the liberals and the low classes - most people i know i.e. with a few brain cells all see what is happening and are unhappy with it - tide is turning though

Steven Douglas said...

Amen, Dude...it seems like that way here too. Who cares about the increase in crime, influx of illegal aliens, increase in unemployment of locals, increase in tension among the populace, increase in HIV infections, et al.........just don't mention colour. Cos then you get branded a racist, seen here as the worst of all crimes...