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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Day Night Cricket

Wednesday 29 November 2006 - it's at least 7.45 pm...

So LuclyL played another day / night cricket match Wednesday night, against a team from the South of Johannesburg. Not a team we normally play against, but we needed a warm up match for the day / night final we are playing on the 8th December.

The other team won the toss, and elected to bat. 30 overs, 260 runs! Too many wides and no balls, but their opening batsman did get 159! (This is under 13's, in case you were wondering).

LuckyL got a bowl, and took a wicket, so I was chuffed (look it up) for him. He went in to bat in 4th position, and faced his first couple of balls well.

While watching, I was listening to South Africa trash India in the day night one day match 244 / 161 all out, using the Princess's cellphone and headphones. And as is usual, I dropped one, thinking I got it out quietly, till I got this sharp, pained look of surprise from the Princess. I took out the earpiece, and said "What?"
"I heard that!! And so did everyone else!"
I looked around, and didn't see anyone looking, so I apologised to the Princess... And replaced the earpiece.

Anyway, back to the cricket - LuckyL's partner went out 3 balls into L's innings, and so he was in with another new batsman. Kevin is also under 13, but only about 136mm tall! Really, he's not much taller than the stumps!
L facing again - 4 off the first ball. Dot, dot, mmm..... He's not keeping his eye on the ball. Kevin's out... L to stand with another new batsman.. This is not good. There is no way they will get 100 runs out of this game now.

Anyway, it's another tough day in Africa. Sitting out here, under the trees, watching the kids play cricket. It's 10.30pm, and still pleasant out, even if Princess and some of the others are wearing light jackets.
Another 2... Ball stopped 30mm from the boundary... And another nice shot over the top.... For 1 run. Two bad shots... But he's still there. End of the over, and I'm shouting advice from the line... Never played a game in my life, but guess who's the pro here!

Gman is at home alone. He'd been to Sun City (look it up) for the day with the church youth, and so when he got back we were already away.

Another wicket down. LuckyL is still in there.... Maybe we can get home before the new day.
End of the over, and L's going to face again.. And I'm coaching from the side again. Princess is giving me the beady eye.

OUT!!! Dammit. 7 runs....

His team managed to get to 173, and not all out, but they ran out of overs. Not a bad innings, just shy of 6 runs per over, but they were outplayed. Game over by 10.45pm, and we got home at 11.45. Way too late for a weeknight...


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