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Monday, October 23, 2006

Project Model

Some time ago I think I mentioned a school project my son got to do. It runs over the whole year.

Phase one was to prepare and present a conceptual proposal for an opening / closing roof over the school quad (look it up). For this he and his two team members got well into the 90's ( I think he got about 98%!).

Phase two was to do details drawing to scale, 1:50. No problem. With my design background we came up with an excellent unique design. We did the whole conceptual presentation and even a pricing breakdown. Result! 98%!

Now, for the third and final phase, they have to build a scale model of the proposed solution / structure. Scale 1: 100!!!

GREAT!!! I have had so much fun helping them with this. A dream come true. Will be finished by Thursday, for presentation to the school on Friday morning.

Oh, and first prize for the winning team is R1000.00 (work it out)!

So, watch this space! Photo's to follow......



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