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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cellphones and Vodacom

So, last week Monday I had to take LuckyL's "new" cellphone in to be repaired / rebuilt. The boys got their new phones about two months ago, and his just fell apart. Literally. We found one of about 3 or four minute screws that had come out.
Anyway, they said it would take a few days to get the spare / replacement screws, and they would fix it. Come Thursday and I call to get an update. Oh, the spares haven't come yet. So I get rough, and a while later I get a call to say it will be ready Friday afternoon.
Friday I get a call to say the parts will arrive Monday, and I can collect the phone just after 3.30 pm.

3.30 pm and I'm standing in the Customer Care Centre (that's and oxymoron, like Virgin Active or Military Intelligence). Needless to say the phone isn't ready yet. So I inform them that if it's ready by Tuesday, they can call me, and deliver it to my place of work!

And I hand in my phone (Blackberry) to be repaired / replaced. It's also playing up.

Tuesday - no call.

Wednesday (today) at about lunch time I call again. Sorry, the parts still have not come. Ok, let me speak to a manager.

Me - " you've had the phone for 10 days. It's still not fixed. The parts still have not come. Time to give me a new phone!"
After some "light banter" (hehe) he capitulates, and I can collect the new phone in the morning!

As for my phone, they don't repair Blackberries, they give you an exchange unit, and I can get mine tomorrow as well! Will have to see what I get. If it's old and abused I am going to rip someone's head off, shit on his lungs, and charge him with having bad breath!!


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