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Thursday, October 12, 2006

About the palm tree.....

Some years ago I was standing on a beach on the KwaZulu - Natal north coast somewhere, probably Ballito (look it up), and watched how this trunk of a palm tree washed up onto some rocks, and was pounded by the tide. It scraped up, held on for some minutes, then a large wave would pull it back into the sea. The next wave would lift it and throw it against the rocks.

I must have watched this for about an hour, and after leaving the scene, "wrote" a short story in my head about this palm tree. I never got to put it down on paper, and having remembered it recently, have now documented a revised version of my initial thoughts. The palm tree comes a long way with me, and in it I often see myself, and or other people who battle against all odds to survive.

I found this pic on google, and it's of the beach I refer to in the above blogg, and the rocks are the same one's... And no, I didn't ask for permission to use the picture. I figure if it's on Google, it's public domain...

But that's just me.



Steven Douglas said...

Ok, so if it's the same rocks, where's the fuckin' palm tree? :-)


Great to see you writing poems again...still very descriptive.

Wreckless said...

I have to assume that this pic was taken while the fucking palm tree was still treading water waiting for high tide.