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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Snow, Hockey, PDI's..... Ties

It has been the coldest 24 hours in a long, long time. The wind last night sounded like a hurricane going by. Because our home is built near the top of the hill, at the end of a "valley", the wind was accelerating on its way up, and with our bedrooms being on the top floor, the force outside was phenomenal. Kept me up most of the night. That, coupled with the cold, it was not a nice night.
However, in comparison with the thousands of homeless who must have really suffered, I should not complain. There was some rain earlier in the evening, but there was no ice around this morning.
Coming to work seemed easier today, less traffic. Was it because most decided to take the day off, and stay in bed (a la Ross)! hehehe! Or were their cars just frozen, and they would be coming in later?
Got some snow photos from a friend on email, much snow fell in some areas. Coupled to this was a damn cold front, and heavy rains / flooding in the southern Cape.
And to boot, a tornado in Dullstroom, Divemasters favourite trout fishing spot. Funny, he didn't mention it in his blogg?
Gman has been asked to try out for his schools first hockey team. If he makes it, and maintains the position for the duration of his high school career, he will be in the team for 4 years! However, he's not too confident that he will make it. Strong competition there. But he will try.

Just had another call from the bloody bank. Some time ago we all had to go to any of the authorized Financial Service Providers (look it up) which we do business with, and produce our ID documents, proof of residential address, etc., for them to update their records. Something to do with the government wanting to expose fictitious account holders who may be using these avenues to launder ill gotten funds, evade tax, etc. No problem. However, since having done so for myself, my wife, and the kids, I have had at least 3 phone calls over 6 months asking me to go in to the bank to redo / resubmit / reconfirm some or other thing. Well, I just told him to shove it. If he needs anything else he should request it in writing. He has my postal address. The fact that his dept. only does telephonic requests is not my problem. Fuck it! And the worst is it's a PDI, who speaks very bad engrish (sic), and is reading off a set script. So, there is no avenue for discussion / questioning / reasoning with them. It's just pathetic.

BTW:- I have had no response from anyone at all with regards my offer of a swop for my collection of ties for what have you! Surely there is someone out there who collects ties?


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Steven Douglas said...

Actually, I hadn't heard about the tornado until Steph mentioned it after I'd made the posting...I live in my own little world sometimes. :-)