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Monday, July 10, 2006

Our vacation.......

(For some stupid reason I am unable to attach my photos. So, please excuse / ignore any ref. To same. Will post them later....)

Kruger National Park - Day 1
We left home early, so as to be able to go into the park before we booked in to our timeshare unit. Arrived at Malelane gate at about 10h30. My brother and his family got there about 15 minutes before us, so it was great. We could drive through the park together. Nice drive. Casual. (Sightings in the table below) Got to the accommodation at about 6pm. Booked in. Very nice digs! 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. pic attached.

Kruger National Park - Day 2
Got up early this morning to do the sunrise trip. It's a long day, as we don't come out again before we have to. Gates close at 5.30 pm. We just get there. Not a bad day as far as spotting goes. Nice evening, had a braai (look it up). Early to bed for most of us.

Kruger National Park - Day 3
Day 3 was great. Lots of ellies, as well as some other exotic animals spotted. Everyone had a great day. Stopped at Skukuza, as we do most days, for toilets, refills, etc.

Kruger National Park - Day 5
Saw lots more stuff...
Italy beat Germany 2-0!
What a game! WHAT A GAME!!

Kruger National Park - Day 6
Last night we decided that today we would do the tourist trip (trap). Most of us haven't been here for some time, and typical day trips will include a visit to Graskop (for their pancake breakfasts), Pilgrim's rest (nice tourist trap), interesting for the kids at least. God's Window (with a view to die for) various waterfalls, and Bourk's Luck potholes. Will be a long day, although not too far to drive around.
What a disappointment. Pligrims Rest used to be such a nice place to visit. Now, wherever you want to go in, you need a ticket to enter. So, how's a visitor going to see if there is anything he wants to buy / do, if he has to pay to get in first? Well, for me that's the last visit to Pilgrim's Rest. Pity. God's window is still there, very nice. Pinnacle hasn't changed (maybe we need a bit of an earth tremmor to change the view), Lisbon and Berlin falls, and Wonder Bridge (or is that natural bridge) all still there. Graskop is still a nice little town to visit. Great pancakes, and home manufacturing, and silk factory and Dung paper and stuff.

Kruger National Park - Day 8
We leave today. But not going home yet. My brother booked a holiday home for us at Marloth Park. Close to the river. Sleeps eight. Marloth is a private reserve, with boundaries onto the Kruger National Park, so there are a lot of animals present. Nice place. In the middle of bush. But close to the river.

Kruger National Park - Day 9
Went to Nelspruit to look at buying another car. This Renault is going to give me a stroke. Nada. Came back via Malelane Gate, and drove across to Crocodile Bridge. Nice drive. Lots of ellies Went back to Marloth Park. Another braai... chat .... nice.

Kruger National Park - Day 10
Today we leave for home. It's been a great holiday, and we are keen to get home asap to watch Italy and France in the final!!
Being with my brother and his family is always so nice. We got 5 numbers in the Lotto Plus last Saturday, and won R3700!! And we have R100 on the Italinas to win the cup (odds of 10 - 1).
Watch this space.



That dude in the UK said...

Eish, a Lotto winner

Do you remember the deal that you and Julie made, well more that Julie made - we're coming to collect!

jenny said...

Welcome Home Max!

Steven Douglas said...

Welcome back to the Rat Race, bro...

Sounds like you had a blast, and got Lotto to pay for your holiday too. Way to go...

Congrats on the WC, well-deserved win.